How To Find Time for Yourself in College
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How To Find Time for Yourself in College

Make yourself a priority

How To Find Time for Yourself in College
Bright on the day

As college students, we are constantly in a whirlwind of work and stress. With schoolwork, clubs, internships, and jobs, students are always focusing on the next task. Add on keeping up with your social life, family, and life’s drama, that can all be very overwhelming. I know many college students who become consumed in all of this and forget about themselves. It is still very important to make yourself a priority. Take at least an hour out of your day to do something that makes you happy and regain your inner peace after a stressful day. Here is some tips to practice self-care.

Watch your favorite tv show

Trying to keep up with your weekly tv shows in college is nearly impossible. Take a study break and catch up on your favorite shows during the week or watch that next episode on Netflix. It will give your mind a much needed breather and also help you feel accomplished that you are a step closer to being up to date on your shows. One of the best genres of tv help me de- stress is reality tv.I know a lot of people look down upon reality TV but think about it: we spend all day taking in information about molecules and formulas. Sometimes it is relaxing to watch mindless TV for an hour. Also, watching other peoples life problems makes chemistry class not seem half bad.

Go to the gym

During a busy school week it isn’t easy to always find time to make it to the gym. However, it is worthwhile to force yourself across campus to work out. Excersise is a great stress reliever and helps to release endorphins inside our body which evoke a overall positive and happy feeling. One example of an excersise that helps to clear the mind is running. Pair this with great music in your headphones and I bet this will turn your day around.

Read your favorite book

With all the reading that we are assigned to accomplish in our classes it seems difficult to fit in enjoyable reading. However, this is very important. Reading something that you enjoy helps your brain to take a break from gathering information and helps it to engage in fun. Reading helps to gain peace when dealing with a lot of stress. For example, reading something you enjoy before bed,instead of for a class, can help with better sleep and an overall better mindset going into the next day.

Pamper yourself

Do the things that make you feel good about yourself. Get your nails done, get a hair cut, do your makeup, or put on a nice outfit. Even if you’re not going anywhere in particular just taking the extra time out of the day to focus on your appearance can change your whole mindset. It can be a confidence booster and help you to go through your day feeling empowered. Also, it can be relaxing to do a face mask and practice skin care; making you feeling refreshed and brand new.

Our responsibilities in college are very important. But, our mind and soul are equally important. Make sure to make yourself a priority and take the time out of your busy schedule to find your happiness.

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