15 Reasons Why I Bleed Blue
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15 Reasons Why I Bleed Blue

It's always great to be a Bronco!

15 Reasons Why I Bleed Blue

With the new W on our side, bleeding blue has never felt so great! The Boise State University community has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we are one big happy family. I am not from Boise, but this city has been my home for the past three years and I love it!

I love Boise State University because...

1. We tailgate harder than most teams play.

2. We are Bronco Nation!

3. We bleed blue and honor orange.

4. We never miss a game -- home or away, rain or shine -- even if it is less than 10 degrees outside!

5. We love to give back to the community through Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, Service Saturdays, etc.

6. The greenbelt is a convenient and scenic route to anywhere on campus.

7. Every season looks great on Boise. The trees and mountains make the prettiest scenery all year long!

8. We love explaining that Idaho has more to offer than just potatoes.

9. But we love the games where foam potato hats are handed out.

10. We have over 200 student organizations and clubs to get involved on campus.

11. We have the outlet to volunteer in Jamaica for spring break to help build a better community.

12. Greek life at Boise State is the best support system and family away from home anyone could ask for.

13. On game days the entire city of Boise is decked out in blue and orange gear!

14. We have a blue helmet car, need I say more?

15. Last, but not least, we have a blue turf. What could be cooler than that!?

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