People usually have one of these two popular opinions about art: either it's a great thing and everyone should do some kind of art or art has no point other than a hobby and isn't worth anyone's time. Art is actually very important and beneficial for individuals as well as societies as a whole.

1. Art is therapeutic.

The recent popularity in adult coloring books is just one example of how art can be therapeutic. Anyone can use these books to wind down and relax after a hard day and see art therapy in action. Art therapy is also used for mental escapes from illnesses, treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and dyslexia.

2. Art comes in many forms.

Because art has such a wide range of forms, often people can find some kind that they enjoy. Art can be things like drawing or painting, computer art, sculpture, crafts, or photography. There are many more types, these are just a few.

3. Art teaches us about history.

You’ve probably studied art in a history or foreign language class. Historical art shows up how people looked, what was going on, and how people felt about certain situations at the time. Political cartoons show us the opinions of those who don’t approve of something, while paintings from the Renaissance show us how religious people were in that period. Cave paintings taught us how the very early humans lived. Without art we wouldn’t know as much about the history of ourselves and other groups.

4. Art gives people a different way to communicate.

People can express themselves many ways, including the way they dress, through writing, and how they present themselves on social media. Art is different because it can be so abstract or very representational when wanted. Art gives people the ability to communicate their thoughts or feelings in a way that is different from any other kind of communication.

5. Art helps us see other perspectives.

Artists often use their work to show people their own views. Being able to see different views through art helps us broaden our own perspective and understand other points of view.

6. Art can be used to make a statement.

7. Art is one of the few subjects that is hands-on.

Many school subjects can be viewed as boring by students because they are based on strictly taking notes and listening to a lecture. Art classes engage and interest the students because it is hands-on learning that lets them express themselves and gives them a break from the tedious note-taking classes.

8. Art is essential for childhood development.

Art teaches kids important things like motor skills and colors. Without letting children color and do crafts, their fine motor skills would not be developed adequately and their ability to identify colors would be less developed.