Why I am Progressive

Why I am Progressive

Politics are my core

I want to start off with a quote from Lisa Simpson:

"Okay I am a liberal and sometimes that is a dirty word, but what liberal really means is those who have more than enough sharing with those who don't, and those principals have been in place during this countries most prosperous times. So, if that is a liberal then I am a liberal."

I feel like this statement is a good foundation for what I am going to talk about. (she says liberal but in this instance, it works for progressive too.) I am progressive not because it is "hip or cool trend or because of the liberal media". I'm progressive because when I looked at the people around me and the things that were going down I didn't like it. I saw people who were conservative spewing out dirty hateful rhetoric and people talking about an America I don't believe in. When there were multiple Republicans who talked about deporting undocumented immigrants, "for the good of the country" but the majority of the states that they reside don't care if they live there or not. Also, giving tax breaks to the wealthy elite of this country while millions of Americans are still on welfare. Then when we speak up or take a knee because a community of hard-working Americans is getting pushed around we are disrespecting our country. Oh but I guess it's not disrespectful when our police brutality attacks the African-Americans of this country or when our president wants to focus more on starting a war with the NFL then helping the victims of natural disasters. You can say what you want about Obama but he did not disrespect the conservatives the way Trump is disrespecting the liberals of our country. Also, this president has stirred up more white supremacist groups than any president in at least the last 50+ years. I know some of Trump's rhetoric and speech doesn't reflect all Republicans but still, I can't stand for a country that is under leadership that wants to push down the very people that make this country great. I am progressive because it is right, I spent my whole life with Aspergers having to fight to be heard and understood and that's what I want for my fellow Americans to be heard and understood. Not to be pigeon held and suffocated by oppression but to be unbound by the chains of oppression, not to be banned from our country based on religion or not serve in our military because of gender identity or be kicked out of the NFL just because you are standing up for your people but to live the American dream. I maybe was born with Aspergers but I am still a white straight Christian male and have a lot to learn and understand from my fellow Americans who aren't. #lovetrumpshate

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Poetry On Odyssey: A Comment

How easy it is for a comment online to spark inspiration, as well as a corrupted society

You thrive behind a machine.

You spite words you don't understand.

And cast blame on those who are easily unseen.

I wish you could comprehend,

The hate you create from your keys,

The soft clicking you use to defend,

Defending a means,

A means that brings people to their knees.

And not with hope, not with admiration,

But with a fear,

A fear that thrills the entire nation.

You decide to remain on a side.

A side that is all about you.

So I suppose, there is no better place for your pride.

You call us children,

For believing in change.

You call us alien,

But to us, everyone is allowed to be their own kind of strange.

We don't expect you to change your views.

We don't expect you to understand our truths.

But everyday there is different news.

We will fight for our right to be our own,

And stand together.

Helping and understanding.

Because our mission is to make the world better.

Cover Image Credit: via Flickr

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Yes, We Need Someone LIKE Oprah, But We Don't Need Oprah In 2020

I'm a Democrat who can't believe we're willing to repeat the same past mistakes.

After Oprah's speech at the Golden Globes, people have been talking through various sources of media about the possibility of Oprah running for president in 2020. Her speech was beautiful, direct, and empowering. It was the kind of speech that someone eyeing the presidency would deliver. I love Oprah and I love everything for which she stands. Her story of persistence and success after multiple failures is inspiring and something that everyone can identify with. Yet, I don't want her to run for president in 2020 and here's why.

Plain and simple; she's not qualified. Oprah's education from Tennessee State University was focused on communications. She has been working in the field of communications her entire life. She has made billions off of her shows, network, books, and various other enterprises. One cannot possibly believe that she has the skills and resources to run our country. I hate that I have to make this comparison, but look at Donald Trump. Although he has run a somewhat successful real estate brand (after receiving a small loan of a million dollars from his father), Trump's work as a businessman does not make him qualified to be the president. Yet here we are. Although Oprah and Trump have completely opposite views from one another, I can't imagine that Oprah's lack of experience would be any different from Trump's, save perhaps for Oprah's apparent willingness to learn the ins and outs of the position.

Another reason: Oprah is still a billionaire. We've seen how Trump's policies revolve around whatever will put more money in his pocket. While Oprah has a history of being generous (think: "You get a _____! You get a _____!"), she still maintains a billionaire status. Will she be able to take a step back from her various business endeavors to govern the country? Who will step into her place and take over as the new "Oprah" to run her company?

Please don't misunderstand me. I agree that we need someone like Oprah to be the president, but let's choose someone like Kamala Harris or any other woman that has been fighting hard for women's and minority rights but who also has a history in politics. The solution is not that we need more people that aren't career politicians. We need more career politicians that care about their constituents and the needs of their district, end of story.

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