Wholesome Romance

Here I fall

though I remain calm

for I know

what awaits me is warmth

& not an endless pit of uncertainty.

Comfort has

a tranquil ring to its name

& as I fall

I find peace & acceptance

in you catching me.

A Sea of Blue; A Sea of Green

Your eyes change color

like the flux of my mind

but you find homage

within me

and soon you become

as clear as crystal

-you are the only thing I am certain of


I keep a hidden box in my closet

for only I to keep

its contents are private

infused with truth you may seek

As we hide behind facades

of resolution and forbearance

we both know the feeling

that lingers is inherent

Cafe Memoir


your skin

how you leave me


& bittersweet

Morning Awakening

Waking alone, with the chirps of the

birds at dawn, was not as

intolerable as I had once believed.

Maybe it was due to the involuntary

way that my amber eyes revealed the

dim light that shone into my room.

Maybe it was the way the rays of

golden hues illuminated the

prominent specks of freckles

that rest upon my fragile cheeks.

Or maybe it was your name

that lay on the tip of my tongue,

freed from the chambers of my mind,

that made my awakening bearable.