To The Girl Who Said, 'I Shouldn't  Have To Pay On Valentine’s Day'
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To The Girl Who Said, 'I Should Never Have To Pay On Valentine’s Day'

I’m not a feminist, but you just set women’s rights back 50 years.

To The Girl Who Said, 'I Should Never Have To Pay On Valentine’s Day'

Let me start by saying that I am in no way, shape, or form claiming to be perfect or have perfect relationships because anyone who knows me knows that my relationships couldn't be farther from perfect.

But let me just point out a few flaws in your logic before I get all the way up on my soapbox.

1. Sure, it's okay to want your boyfriend to pay for you. What's not okay is demanding that he spends a fortune on you. (Yes, $25 is a fortune). If he's already paying, you don't get to decide how much he pays. Just be grateful he's paying.

2. You said, “my boyfriend isn't entitled to my money". So, what makes you think you're entitled to his? And yes I know you said you weren't saying that, but you were. And to top it off, you even told him how much he had to spend on you. If that's not an entitlement, I'm not sure what is.

3. You say that your boyfriend should pay for you because it's his job to support you. And that since he's supposed to support you, you don't plan on getting a job that can pay well. Well, what happens when he leaves you? What happens if you have kids to support on your own but you can't because you expected a man to take care of you-you're entire life? Reality check: men are NOT reliable.

If I were your boyfriend or any other man for that matter, I would be running for the heels. I feel especially sorry for your boyfriend though because I can imagine he is not only embarrassed by your actions but also feel disrespected and underappreciated.

You stated in your article, something along the lines of “if Tiffany wasn't expensive, everyone would have it and it would no longer be special". I agree with you, your boyfriend should know that he is lucky to have you and he should show that he appreciates you, but that doesn't mean he has to do it by spending money on you. And while you're so consumed in making sure that he knows you're “Tiffany", you're missing the fact that he is a Rolex and should also be appreciated and valued.

If you want to be treated like a queen, you need to treat your man like a king.

I have a question for you. Many of your other articles are focused on the food insecurity that college students face. What if your boyfriend was one of those students that suffered from food insecurity? Would you still demand he spends a minimum of $25 on you? Because let me tell you something. There is a fine line between living comfortably and being in debt. Especially in early adulthood. So, next time you want him to take you out to dinner 3 nights a week, try staying in instead. Put that money into a savings account so that way he can take care of you and your family in the future. When it actually matters.

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