I'm clumsy as all get out and often hurt myself or random things, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness. Especially, in finding out the object that caused the paper cut, where the bruise on my leg came from, and how often I hurt myself with myself. This is a list of common things that happen to me, or my friends in witnessing my adventures of accidental self harm, on a weekly basis.

Let me say it at least once, I do NOT self harm in the way of razors, cutting, or anything else on purpose. I am accident prone and have just hurt myself with my own fingers on accident on many occasions.

1. Hurting Myself on Random Objects

From tape dispensers to a corner of a box or anything else vaguely sharp. It's happened too many times to count. I've hurt myself on the tip of a colored pencil, pinched myself with the cap of a marker, gotten a paper cut from a cardboard box and many other things.

2. Hurting Myself on Sharp Things

From scissors that I wasn't using (very) safely to a kitchen knife, that I was putting away, there are times where I have actually hurt myself on more normal objects.

3. Finding Random Bruises/ Marks from Unknown Sources

there are two marks on my left hand, by the knuckles, and I have no idea what caused them. This is not unusual for me. For example, last week:

I was getting out of bed, which is lofted up pretty high, and ran into the Command Hook that holds my curtains under the bed. I scratched myself on the leg. And then, after eight hours of dealing with the pain, a bruise forms around the scratch.

It's still there, a week later, and I don't know when it'll go away.

4. Hurting Myself, with Myself

Not only am I consistently hurting myself with other things, but I also manage to hurt myself with my own fingernails. Just the other day, I went to open up a box, and moved my hand in such a way that my right index finger scratched a cut into the knuckle of my thumb.

5. Others' Various Tales

One of the reasons that I'm writing this article is because I know I'm not the only one who has this problem, or has had similar incidents. I joke about having a "record" for the stupidest way to give yourself a paper-cut, but my sister is the one who probably holds the top spot. A few years back, she came home with a paper cut, and knew that I would find the story funny. Apparently, she had been playing with a friend's jacket, and ended up getting a paper cut on his cotton jacket. I couldn't believe it at first, and immediately checked if she had gotten hurt on the zipper. No, she assured me, she had actually hurt herself on the cotton of her friend's cotton jacket.

In what ways do you find yourself hurt at random times? Do you know anyone else with a similar predicament?