What To Do When Your Boyfriend Wants A Break

When my boyfriend asked for a break, I immediately got defensive; I was angry and hurt. I wanted to know why he would need space from me if he loved me.

During the break, I realized how dependent I was on him, and how being alone really made me face my problems. Here are my five top tips for when your partner wants a break.

1. Agree to the break

While you don't want to hear this, agree to the break. Don't get hostile or beg for them to stay, this typically only pushes them away further. If there is a reason for space, take the time to understand why and learn how to build from the break.

2. Set rules

What exactly does this break mean, is this a break-up to find yourselves or just a break? Is this break meaning you guys will stay monogamous to each other, or does it mean you can see other people? Will you have contact with each other, or will it be radio silence? Setting rules and answering those hard questions will help your relationship more.

3. Do not contact them

While everything in your heart is pulling yourself to them, try your hardest to not contact them, if you guys set that rule. When you're in contact with them, it is not giving you space and time that you need to heal.

4. Take time for #SelfLove

Try a new class, or hang out with friends. Truly do what makes you happy, even though at times it's hard to be away from them. I suggest finding new ways that excite you, like going on a hike or sitting back and read a new book. Explore different options.

5. Learn to live different lives

You guys took a break for a reason, whether or not you initiated it. Take this space and learn to be without this person, do things that make you happy, enjoy being alone. It does hurt now but not forever, this could be a way for your relationship to be stronger in the end.

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