4 Things That Happen When Siblings Go To College
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4 Things That Happen When Siblings Go To College

Sometimes change is good

4 Things That Happen When Siblings Go To College
Molly Veh

It's only inevitable that people will change when they go to college, and siblings are included in that spectrum of people. Once siblings leave the nest and experience what being an adult is like, something changes between them. These aren't necessarily bad changes, but they're changes nonetheless.

Here are four examples of what happens when siblings go to college. Because I am just one example of this, I decided to ask some of my friends that also have siblings in college to see how their experiences can support my ideas! There will be quotes below from them, as well.

1. You Get Closer

Whether or not you and your sibling go to the same college or university, you will definitely grow closer together. As you mature, you realize that you can't consistently have petty sibling arguments and need to actually grow up. It's time to put the secrecy behind you and talk. You grow closer together because you start to hide more from your parents. As much as you'll try to deny it, there's always something that you will keep from your parents, no matter how close you are with them.

"We don't hide anything from each other because we're more adultish...so we tell each other everything" - Camryn

2. You Respect Each Other More

Watching your siblings grow up is such a surreal thing, because you forget that you're growing alongside them. It doesn't matter if you're the older sibling or younger sibling, going through college is a growing experience and seeing a sibling do it too makes it even more serious. You learn that even though you two are still those kids that used to fight and bicker, you are becoming more mature and actually growing into adults. You'll eventually respect each other more because there's no time for being childish anymore.

"I think college made me grow up and want to be a grown-up sister for them to look up to and when Ellie [her sister] went to school, it made me realize she's grown up too and we both want to be role models for each other and for Abbie [her other sister]." - Maddie

3. Things Change At Home

If both of you are at different schools, this would make even more sense, but no matter the situation you and your sibling are in, you'll change the way your life is at home. You cherish your time together because hopefully you'll have your own friends in college, and take classes different from each other. There's the newfound gratefulness for having a sibling because they will always be your best friend, no matter what could happen between you. When you're home, it's like you're taken back to when you were kids, and every day was a day to spend with your family. The two of you will inevitably become more grateful for the time you will have together over holidays and breaks.

"I really took for granted having a brother when we both lived at home, and then after moving away and going to college made me realize that you'll never be able to replace the relationship you have with your sibling." - Camryn

4. You Become Your Own People

If you and your sibling went to the same high school, there's a chance that the two of you did a lot of the same activities and extracurriculars. By going to college, the two of you become your own person, not copies of each other. There are times for you and your sibling to become your own people and focus on the things that you love, whether they're the same or different. College gives you the opportunity to become your own person, and after spending even one semester at whatever college or university you go to, you'll start to see changes.

"In high school, we are all doing the same things like sports and school, and now we kind of have these independent lives and paths and do different things...and that's cool that we're making our own paths when we came from the same place..." - Maddie

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