When People Start Christmasing Too Early
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When People Start Christmasing Too Early

When People Start Christmasing Too Early

The beautiful month of October has unfortunately ended. The excitement of Halloween is over, and without even taking a chance to breathe and smell the turkey and stuffing that will be here before we know it for Thanksgiving… people are already getting in the Christmas spirit. I love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday, and I can’t wait until December rolls around so I can wear sweaters and watch "Home Alone." But,Halloween was days ago, ya’ll need to chill.

People are already Christmas decorating.

Remember what happened in "Bob’s Burgers" when Linda bought the tree the day after Halloween? That’s right, it died. Stop buying trees and decorating -- they are all going to die before Thanksgiving is even over. No one wants to sing Christmas carols around a dead tree.

Red cups and holiday drinks are at Starbucks already!

The day after Halloween, Starbucks was not only providing customers with the beloved holiday drinks, but they were also serving them in red cups. At the Starbucks I pass on my way to class every day, they hadn’t even erased the Halloween “Frappula” advertisement off of the blackboard sitting outside the store. “Frappula” on one side, and chestnut praline and peppermint mocha on the other.

Christmas movies.

My mother was kind enough to text me the day after Halloween and let me know that they’re showing Christmas movies on TV now… and that she’s been watching them every day since. #chill

Christmas music.

People are listening to Christmas music! Like actually listening to Christmas music! The only Christmas music that even makes sense to listen to right now would maybe be "The Nightmare Before Christmas"soundtrack. Only exception. Listen to some Thanksgiving music. That does not exist? Make some.

You’re killing baby reindeer.

Okay so, not really -- but if imagining that you are will keep you from breaking out those Christmas sweaters… think of the reindeer.


Did I mention that people are already putting up trees? Yes? Well, I am going to say it again because people are already freaking putting up trees.

You have upset the turkey.

Celebrate one holiday at a time, seriously, there is no rush. You can have the entire month of December to celebrate Christmas and listen to "Jingle Bells" and watch "Elf" and drink eggnog and see Christmas lights. That will be all be fun and well… come December.

People are already Christmas shopping.

People have been asking what other people want for Christmas since the beginning of September. You might not even be friends by the time Christmas rolls around.

Stores are getting into it, too.

Walking up and down the street, I see more Christmas and holiday decorations popping up in more stores every day… still the beginning of November, but that is cool.

It's not even cold yet.

Yeah, if you live in Canada or Minnesota, it is probably cold. But here in Charleston, it was 80 degrees the day after Halloween. I do not want to hear Christmas bells until it is cold enough for people to stop wearing shorts.

Do not wear it out.

If you start celebrating Christmas too early, then by the time Christmas actually does roll around, you might be over it. “I could never get tired of Christmas!” you might say. Yeah, well, you can only listen to "Jingle Bells" so many times before the only “jingle bells” you will be hearing is the sound of your brain ratting around in your head when you are banging your head against the wall from hearing that song one too many times.

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