When God Gave Me You, I Knew All Was Right In The World

I was not expecting you to come into my life as you did. You hit me like a shit ton of bricks. But I can not thank you enough for that. You came into my life when I was feeling the lowest in my life when I was feeling worthless and less of a woman. My ex broke me and crushed me down. But you have built me back up piece by piece. Layer by layer you have made me feel like a woman again. You came in and made me feel safe, happy, and beautiful.

You came in when I thought being treated like I was nothing was normal. But you came in and you did the little things. You filled my car up when I did not want to go outside because it was too cold. You got me that iced tea because you knew it would make me super happy. You grabbed my hand while you drove. You kissed me on the lips as you left for work. You called me when I was upset. Stefano, you did not ignore me because you had a bad day but instead you called me because I make your worse day just a tad bit better.

You have taught me how to be patient again, even on my worst days. When life is just breaking me down and I want to give up. You have been there to remind me why I am doing what I am doing. You have taught me that I am worth so much more than I thought. That I am beautiful. I was so self- conscious before I met you. I would not embrace my beauty, I thought I was worth just late 2 am nights and leave. But I am worth morning bed and breakfasts, lunch dates, weekend getaways to Boston, kisses goodnight. I am worth the drive to and from your house.

That it is okay to open up and talk about your feelings that it is okay to let go of the past and not be held down. Stefano Leo you have made me feel strong, beautiful, safe, loved, hilarious. You do not make me feel stupid for having an opinion that may not be normal or like the others. You do not make me feel stupid for how I feel. You have treated me like a princess. You have been the best thing to ever happen in my life. I can not thank you enough for being you and treating me the way you do Stefano Leo. I can not wait to see what our future holds. To continue living life together. Now shut up and kiss me I am talking too much but first lets dance real close.

Thank you, Love your girl

Harley Ann.

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