When Can You Expect To See Fans Back In The Stands
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When Can You Expect To See Fans Back In The Stands

Sports are starting to return, but when will you be able to enjoy the gameday experience?

When Can You Expect To See Fans Back In The Stands

As the world begins to live in the "post-COVID" world, many fans are wondering when they will be allowed back in stadiums to watch their favorite teams play. While fans are excited to see their favorite teams play, there is a very small chance that there will be a full capacity at any games for sports in the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021. When fans are allowed back at stadiums with full capacity, there will be some changes to the pregame experience, and the amount that full capacity is. Yet, when fans go back to games for the first time, it will be a very different experience, with different procedures for each stadium, and different rules for entry.

1. States are currently planning for stadiums to have limited capacity

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States like Texas, Florida, Indiana, and Alabama are allowing for stadiums to have a limited capacity for any sports events in the summer and fall.

In Texas, they have said that they will allow college stadiums to have a 50% capacity for the fall.

Alabama is in the talks of letting a limited capacity to return for June 21st planned date for the NASCAR Cup Series at Talladega Superspeedway, the number of fans that will be allowed is pending.

Ohio State University of Athletic Director Gene Smith says that he expects to have a limited crowd in the fall for any college football games.

Dallas Mavericks GM, Mark Cuban, said that he's expecting to see that there will be limited crowds at games, but there will be families that will be able to sit together and watch the games.

2. When will there be 100% capacity again?

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There is one easy answer to this question, whenever there is a vaccine to Covid-19, then there will be 100% capacity allowed again, but that's still a stretch, many stadiums will be reducing the full capacity in their stadium in order to give fans more space in between seats.

There will also likely be social distancing guidelines for pre-game tailgating and parking as well, even with a vaccine, the "old normal" of 2019, will likely never happen again.

So, you still get to go the games with your buddies, but the experience will be different, even with a vaccine, and the stadium atmosphere will be completely different.

3. What is going to change for the at game experience?

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For the fan, when they are allowed to go back to games and see them in person, there will likely be a mandatory temperature check before entry, along with masks being required.

There will likely be fewer lines or certain times that you may leave to get refreshments, in order to reduce the number of people on the concourse as possible.

Mark Cuban said that there is almost a 0% chance that there will be mandatory COVID-19 testing before entry due to fact that stadiums/teams don't want to subject any fans to tests that they may not be comfortable taking.

As this new world starts to open up, when we are allowed back to live sports, the way that we are accustom to will forever change.

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