What's up, Dirty Birds?
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What's up, Dirty Birds?

Let's see how the fans really feel.

What's up, Dirty Birds?
5-3. #1 in the NFC South. Enough said right? Right.

If I want to be really honest, the Falcons record should be 6-2 after the game against the Seattle Seahawks. But, we won't talk about that.

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It is already November, and the Falcons can only go up from here. Coming up on Thursday, the Falcons have a rematch against the Tampa Bay Buccanneers in Tampa and then they have a BYE week to prepare for games against some of the toughest teams in the league. With Kansas City being one of the best teams in their conference, it's definitely going to be a tough one.

However, the Falcons have already shown their worth, defeating the two 2016 SuperBowl appearing teams in a landslide. So what do the Falcons need in order to close out these next games with wins?

Drive. Determination. Most of all, Dedication.

The Falcons have always been driven to win each and every game. They have definitely had the determination, but now the dedication is needed more than ever.

Atliens have been disappointed over the past 8 years because they have been dedicated to their home teams, but have struggled to get that same dedication back. Although fans are proud that they have more wins than losses right now, this momentum needs to continue to escalate to a playoff appearance. Not only do they want a playoff appearance, they want that appearance to sustain to a SuperBowl appearance. This is the last Falcons season in the historic Georgia Dome, and it needs to be finished with a bang.

Fans understand the situation that the Falcons are currently put in, and they are aware of the skill that the team has and how this can be implemented more in the games. Thousands of dollars have been spent on season tickets to see the Falcons have a superb final season in the Georgia Dome, and now it is time to see it given right back through wins.

All of this goes to show that the Falcons have a lot of support behind them, and even on their worse days, their fans will be there to cheer them on every step of the way.

Stay tuned to the NFL Network to watch the Falcons take on the Tampa Bay Buccanneers in Tampa Bay, Florida at 8:25 P.M ET.

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