What Your Favorite Sport Says About You
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What Your Favorite Sport Says About You

We all play for the love of the game.

What Your Favorite Sport Says About You
Rachel Barkdoll // Unsplash

In a world of different cultures and languages, there is one thing that is universal: the love of the game. Athletes love to challenge themselves. They thrive on continuing to better themselves in more ways than one. By walking on the field or court, a certain peace consumes them. The love for the game is what they look forward to. There are many different reasons as to why sports are a popular pastime. It's not only exercise, but a fun way to get to know all kinds of people that share a common interest. Whether you know it or not, your favorite sport can determine something about you just by the nature of the game.

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1. Soccer and Basketball

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Whether you play soccer and/or basketball, you're adaptable and quick. You have to transition yourself from defense to offense in a matter of seconds. It's a sport where athletes need to learn their own techniques in all aspects of the game. You not only use hand, foot and eye coordination. but speed and agility to defend your opponent and score before the clock runs out.

2. Track and Field

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You need to have endurance to be competitive. A big part of track and field is the meets in which you not only race against each other, but other teams. You have a high endurance level that fuels the mentality to be able to run 6 miles straight. With the sound of cheers from your teammates and the adrenaline pumping through your veins, you know that you will make it across that finish line.

3. Baseball

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You're patient. Whether you are in the outfield or on 3rd base, the strategy of the game is what attracts you. It's not only about skill, but the patience to wait for the perfect moment to make that home run or field a ground ball. You need to think ahead in order to have a game plan because the strategy of the game is one of your favorite parts.

4. Martial Arts

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You're self-aware. You know your limits and strengths, but improving your abilities is what drives you. When you are kicking a bag, practicing your techniques or teaching a class, your strength gives you a sense of empowerment and self-confidence. You are not only able to accept your weaknesses but learn from them in order to grow both mentally and physically.

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