When it comes to working at a young age, we've probably all been through that one place where we hated working so much, but our parents made us get jobs in order to teach us how to be responsible and disciplined. Now that we are older though, we should really be putting some thought into what we should be doing when it comes to working. What most of us don't really ever look is the matter of do we want to do something that we love, or love what you do. Sounds complicated right? When you actually take a look at the question you start to look at things a little differently and maybe even for the better.

When it comes to the question you have to look at 'doing something you love' as being for yourself, while 'love what you do' as something shared with others.

For example, when I worked at McDonald's I was never too fond of waking up at five o'clock in the morning and taking peoples orders as they head to work. I was more happy that every morning I had the chance to make people happy, to start their day off right, just by being super outgoing. When people ask if I liked working at McDonald's my answer has always been yes, and not because I had an awesome schedule or had awesome managers, but because I loved what I did. Which most of the time was making peoples mornings.

The only problem with loving what you do is that it's hard to do. Ever since I started cooking I have always wanted to open up a restaurant. Breakfast food all day, hoping that one day I could hang a sign that says 'World's Best Eggs' right next to the picture frame holding the very first dollar the restaurant earned. Making food that people will enjoy, filling their stomachs up with that last bite of a chocolate chip waffle. It would be a dream come true of mine. The greatest part about cooking though is that not only is it something I love to do, but I love doing it.

Studies even show that when you love what you do you are more likely to be a hard worker. So, for all of those people out here who are either looking at what major you want to pursue in college or what job you want to apply for, make sure it'll be something that you love to do. Like I have always told my friends, happiness is important. As long as you wake up every day and you, yourself, is satisfied with who you are, then life will be smooth sailing.