What Playing Sports Teaches Us

What Playing Sports Teaches Us

7 things everybody can relate to.

Sports are more than just a game. They serve as valuable pieces for life lessons and skills to be learned. Benefits that come from sports are numerous and cannot be quantified. Many children across the globe grow up playing some sort of game. It does not matter how rich or poor they are. Everyone can gain something from competing.

1. Hard Work Pays Off

Perhaps this is the most important aspect of playing a sport. If you want to become better at something, work at it. The reality of what you put in, is what you get out is all true. This can be applied to any faucet of a person's life. Whether it be with work, relationships or personal hobbies.

2. Friendships Are Formed

The people you compete alongside while playing a sport, often times, go on to be your best friends. Bonds are formed that nobody else can understand because of all that you have been through together. So, even though you might not go on to be a professional, you will have built relationships that will last a lifetime.

3. You Learn Respect

Every sport has rules that must be followed and officials that enforce said rules. In every discipline there are consequences for breaking the rules. Sports teach us from a young age to respect the game or you will be penalized.

4. It Builds Character

Losing is never fun. But learning to lose with class most certainly is an essential skill if you are to succeed in life. You will not always win. You will not always get your way. Sports are the best way in which to learn this.

5. Teaches You The Importance Of Fun

Having fun is something everyone must do if they are to enjoy life. What better way to learn this, than by playing a game. Because as we all know, games are meant to be fun. If you aren't having fun, than what is the purpose of doing it?

6. It Keeps You Out Of Trouble

Growing up, you experiment with different things and people. You try finding yourself and your unique identity. The people you are around start to shape you as a person and the experiences begin to define you. Sports are a great place to be around positive influences and around people who share the same goal as you.

7. Leadership Skills Are Gained

No matter what career or occupation you hold, some semblance of leadership skills will be required. There is no better opportunity to work on becoming a leader than by playing sports. It teaches to lead by example, not just rhetoric.

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7 Things That Annoy Volleyball Players More Than Anything

How to get under a volleyball player's skin in two seconds.

I'm not sure why but volleyball players are a very particular group of people — we like what we like and we HATE what we don't, especially when it is volleyball-related. If you're a volleyball player, I'm sure you can relate to this list and if you're not a volleyball player, now you know exactly how you will be able to get under our skin.

1. Girls who wear spandex in public

Don’t get me wrong, we wear spandex for a living. We understand WHY people wear them to workout. But wearing them to the dining hall, class or anywhere that isn’t the gym… please don’t. Put on some shorts or leggings — PLEASE.

2. The “I’ll beat you in volleyball” line

For some odd reason when someone who likes you finds out that you play volleyball, they say this. I’m not sure why, but its really annoying that people think they’re better than you (a collegiate athlete) at the sport you’ve been playing your whole life.

3. When guys mention that they only come to your games because you wear spandex

You’re right, why would any appreciate our athletic ability when you can simply appreciate our butts.

4. Freshman who don’t think they have to do their Freshman duties

PSA: Every single school has freshman duties; YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY FRESHMAN WHO HAVE TO DO THEM. Everyone has done them when they were a freshman. Stop complaining, do your duties, and play volleyball because after your freshman season you’ll never have to do it again.

5. When people try to tell you that volleyball isn’t hard

Why don’t you jump for three hours straight and throw your body on the ground hundreds of times and tell me how easy it is.

6. The word "spike"

I honestly feel bad about hating this so much but nothing nothing NOTHING annoys us more than when someone uses the work "spike". For some reason this word went out of style a longgggg time ago and nobody got the memo except the people in the volleyball world. Instead of telling your friend that they had a good spike, tell them that they had a great "hit." HIT = SPIKE.

7. Balls that aren't perfectly blown up

Volleyball players are hands down the most high maintenance group of people when it comes to our sport. I will go through an entire ball cart to find the best ball possible... if the ball is flat, no matter what contact you make it is going to be bad. If the ball is too hard, no matter what contact you make it is going to be bad.

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There's A Double Standard Between Male and Female Athletes In Professional Sports

Women get the short end.


Take for example the most recent World Cup winners Germany and the USA. The 2014 Men's World Cup champions took home 35 million dollars in prize money. The 2015 Women's World Cup champions took home a measly 2 million in comparison to their male counterparts. Why is it that FIFA only paid six percent of what they paid the men?

This is only one of the many problems facing women's sports.

Their own federation United States soccer does this to them as well. The women are not paid equally. One could argue that they should make more. The US Women's team has won three World Cups. Meanwhile, the US Men have not won a single World Cup. Not to mention, they did not even qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The women have to win their games to be paid. The men can lose and still get paid.

Another problem in women's sports is the treatment they receive in the media. Hope Solo a former standout had her contract terminated after she made remarks following a match. In reference to playing the Sweden women's team, "we played a bunch of cowards the best team did not win." These comments came after a loss in the 2016 Olympics.

US Soccer wasted no time and Hope Solo found herself unemployed. Obviously, this was in the heat of the moment. She was also being asked to describe her feelings. Take recent comments made by Cristiano Ronaldo regarding Portugal's loss to Uruguay. "We played better than Uruguay." Why has he not been fired? He basically said the same exact thing.

The truth is that women athletes are still expected to live up to gender roles. Women are supposed to be quiet and polite. Men are allowed to be mean and nasty. This is also on display in tennis. Serena Williams is constantly attacked by the media. Particularly because of how outspoken she is. If you have ever watched a tennis match you know some athletes throw tantrums Where were all angry fans when John McEnroe was not having any respect for the rules. Instead, he was applauded for his outbursts.

Boys will be boys. No boys will be men and take responsibility for their own actions.

Jamseis Winston is an example of how men are let off the hook. In college, FSU and his team of lawyers got him off the hook for the rape of a student. Winston has found himself in trouble once more most recently for groping an Uber driver. We cannot allow this to continue.

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