Describing What Falling in Love Feels Like
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What Falling In Love Feels Like, Through The Eyes of My Family & Friends

Hear it from people who have fallen in love before.

What Falling In Love Feels Like, Through The Eyes of My Family & Friends
Van Thang

I asked some friends and family to describe what falling in love feels like in one sentence. Here are their responses.

"Falling in love is like looking at the world with rose tinted glasses, everything is softer and beautifully illuminated."


Alana, Age 24

With boyfriend Shane for 10 months.

"You do things together that you would not normally like to do, but because you're together you enjoy it."

Lauren Mortimer

Lauren, Age 22

In long distance relationship for 3 1/2 years, in total 5 years with boyfriend Osiris.

"Makes you sick to your stomach at first."


Annette, Age 50

Married to husband Angelo for 27 years.

"Falling in love is the feeling of a magnetic attraction to a woman you want to be with forever."

Kaitlyn Schroeder

Mike, Age 50

Married to wife Linda for 29 years.

"When you fall in love it feels like a 24 hour high when the only thing you think about is that person. When you leave them you're not yourself and not completely happy, because they complete you."


Neil, Age 53

Married to wife Kathy for 30 years.

"Falling in love feels like an internal hug."


Caroline, Age 25

Together 5 years with fiance Christian.

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