The question that is asked by most, if not all, people is “what should I being doing with my life?” Well, quite frankly, there is no true answer. Life is what you make it by making choices to do or don’t do things. I believe life should be adventurous, be filled with laughter and love, and simply, be happy.

Life should be adventurous. No one just wants to sit around all day long, doing nothing and being bored out of their minds. At least, most people wouldn’t want that. Sometimes money is tight, that feeling is known widely. There are plenty of places to go that can get you out of your normal settings. Such as going on a picnic in the park with friends or family, going to a zoo to look at all the different types of exotic animals, and even going swimming in a lake or a swimming pool, of your choice. These options are limitless. Explore, it definitely makes life worthwhile, and getting to spend it with people you love just makes it so much more worth it.

Laughter and love should always be a part of life. All types of stories bring up memories that were, and still are, filled with love and laughter. It could be remembering all the good times with those who have passed away, or just silly stories from any time at all. Laughing and having good times makes more memories that can be told for many, many years. Spending time with loved ones makes memories that can be shared over and over again. Just think, life could be so different if certain people weren’t in your life.

Simply, life should be happy. You shouldn’t have to make your life miserable to suit someone else. Happiness comes in different ways, but finding what makes you truly happy is the most important thing. Do things that make you happy, whether others approve of it or not. It is your own life, live it to the fullest.

Life should be filled with laughter, love, adventures and happiness. Having people to share it with makes it worthwhile.