What is rape? Tell me, please. Tell me what you can and cannot do to me.

Tell me why my voice falls quiet beneath the trees.

What is rape? Tell me why her tears have formed from glass.

Shards have cut her skin, yet she still maintains her mask.

What is love? Is it the way you caress the small of her back?

Is it the way you tuck her hair behind her ear?

Oops, I guess you didn’t bother to ask.

What is love? Love is the opposite of hate,

But all you taught me is to hate, hate,

hate myself.

I hate myself... because how could I hate you when they tell me it’s my fault?

What is pain? I couldn’t feel it if I tried.

I froze mid-frame the moment I realized

I no longer care if I live or if I die.

I asked you about pain, but you thought I said shame.

What does it mean to feel safe? I am no longer safe in my own skin.

My body in itself is an invitation,

I have no choice but to let you in.

No means no, but all you hear is nothing.

What is rape? Tell me… please.