Have you ever wondered why you were born a human being? Like seriously sat down and thought about it. Why were you born human and not a tiger or a freaking plant? Why did you get so lucky to be born as the smartest, most dominant creature on Earth? Why not a stinking fruit fly or a humpback whale? There has to be a reason, right? You have some sort of purpose as a human being right? Because why else would you be here?

So take that thought and go deeper. Why were you born a human being in your country? Why in America vs. a third world country- no dig at any countries just go with me on this concept, okay. Why were you born in the northeast instead of the southwest or vice versa? Or more importantly why were you born into one class versus another. Take one person from each place. You are each human beings; one born rich and the other one dirt poor. How did they get to be so different? Why was one lucky enough to have everything they needed in life while the other might die from disease or starvation by the age of 10?

Let’s take my life for example. Why was I born into a middle class family, who was able to provide for me, send me to school, go on family vacations, afford my medical bills, grow up in a nice house, with a dog, a big yard and basically all a child could ever ask for in life? While there is another girl born into poverty with a single mother who can barely afford to feed herself, living in dirt, begging for food, without access to clean water. We are both human beings, born at the same time, into two completely different worlds. Why was I so lucky to have my needs provided for me and this girl was not. It wasn’t like I was some messiah. I didn’t do anything to deserve these things. I just happened to be born in the right place at the right time. Now I’m not talking about our genetics, because I know how that all works. What I’m talking about is our souls. Why was my soul worthy of all these things over another? The answers simple; it’s not. It was just chance, or is there more beyond that chance?

This is where I look toward God. God is the reason. I’m not saying God loved one human over the other. I’m saying that there has to be a reason that He put me here, in this life, with these resources for a reason. But what the hell is that reason? What is my purpose?? I have no freaking clue. All I know is I have to take advantage of my gifts and not put them to waste. God chose me, so I must have a purpose.