I am having a bit of a problem adjusting to college life that I've been reassured that everybody has, but wanted to talk about it for anyone else that might be struggling with the same thing, or two things actually, the first of which being time management.

I have always been a type A personality--high stress, high achieving, and everything I did had to be high stakes--and I have always had a competitive spirit, but the challenge of college is something entirely new to me. I thought that the mix of extra curriculars for scholarships would be alright if I just did everything like they said I could. I have learned over the course of these past few weeks that this isn't necessarily true.

Generally, I've been pretty good about balancing my different priorities and getting things done in a timely manner despite the constant struggle of homework and figuring out when to do it, so much that I was willing to challenge myself with the requirements of a theater scholarship. This entailed several extra hours of involvement in something that I was neither a major nor minor in and that I just lost all interest in when it came down to it.

Even though I have always been a raging introvert, I was bitten by the theater bug at the tender age of ten years old when I performed in my first musical. I was the fairy godmother in Cinderella and I apparently made it into the local newspaper, but never actually saw that newspaper. At the age of nineteen, I look back on this and have trouble figuring out why I took this scholarship in the first place, and if I were to guess, then it would be for two reasons: I liked to act and I wanted to do it for money.

On top of that, I agreed to be in two bands, which are where my passion lies. I'm currently a member of North Central's audition based band (concert winds), and I march in the Cardinal Athletic Band, both of which I have built strong relationships in as well as a fiery passion. With theater, I have met some pretty interesting people, some of which I've had the opportunity to befriend and others I have not. I have had some interesting experiences, although these were not the experiences I had hoped to have as a college student.

The best part of all of this is that I'm a psychology major.

I've realized through this that I can do it all--I have enough intelligence and willpower to keep my place in these things--but I am also coming to realize my passion for some things and my distaste for others. Even though college is definitely stressing me out thus far, I feel that I will become better with time at being myself and figuring out my interests and hope to have helped others by sharing my 500 words on college problems.