What Being A Gymnast Means

I did gymnastics for 12 years. Gymnastics taught me a lot of life lessons that I will never forget. Gymnastics was my life for so long and now I have been a retired gymnast for 19 months. Gymnastics made me who I am today. My coaches helped shape me into who I am today. I know I have a family that extends past my parents, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I will always have a second home at my gym. Being a gymnast meant everything to me. I was able to take frustrations out at practice when I was having a bad day. At meets, I got show off what I had been practicing for. Gymnastics also taught me how to persevere.

I miss gymnastics everyday, but it meant something to be a gymnast. Being a gymnast meant getting to fly and do things that most people would not even be able to think of doing. Being a gymnast meant that I got to be a role model for younger gymnasts at the gym. Being a gymnast also meant falling flat on your face and getting back up to do it again. Being a gymnast meant sacrificing some things to go to practice or meets. Being a gymnast taught me time management and how to be a better person. Being a gymnast meant always being sore or in pain. For me, that also meant always being injured.

To any younger girls thinking of giving up gymnastics, don't! It is not worth it. Being a gymnast means getting up when your down and doing the skill again. Being a gymnast means you are a perfectionist. Being a gymnast means getting to things that people do not even think of trying. Being a gymnast gives you a family you never thought of having. Being a gymnast means sacrificing normal things for practice or a meet. Being a gymnast means always being sore or in pain. Being a gymnast means always being in shape. Being a gymnast means having the time of your life even if you do not think it is the time of your life. Being a gymnast means never giving up on your dreams.

I know being a gymnast has been a big part of my life. I enjoyed even on the bad days. I miss getting able to tumble and going to practice now that I am retired. Always follow your dreams. Do not let anything get in your way!

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