Best NBA Reporting And Analysis: 10/9-10/14

Best NBA Reporting And Analysis: 10/9-10/14

Basketball Intellignce links to the best NBA reporting each day. Here are the best storie from last week.


1) Joel Embiid Is The Focal Point Of The 76ers' Future

Summary: Sixers head coach Brett Brown can’t
prevent himself from invoking the names of NBA greats when describing
Joel Embiid’s potential. (from Derek Bodner)

2) Steve Kerr: Training Camp Interview

Summary: Warriors' head coach Steve Kerr speaks on the adjustments that will be
made for Golden State this season after acquiring Kevin Durant.(from Reggie Miller/Vince Cellini)

3) Meet The NBA's Shot Doctors

Summary: In the NBA, the difference between winning and losing, and anonymity and stardom, can come down to shooting.(from Kevin O'Connor)

4)How Assistant Coach Dan urke Has Lasted 20 Years With The Pacers

Summary: Entering his 20th season with the Pacers, Burke is the longest tenured assistant with the same team in the NBA.Burke,
though, is not the typical assistant. He is the constant influence who
has helped the Pacers remain one of the better defensive teams in
the league. The roster changes, the style of play changes and the
superstars change. Burke, many in the franchise say, however, has not
changed. He is still the tough tactician whom Bird and the Pacers trust
most. (from Nate Taylor)

5) Using Bogut's Playmaking Skills Is A Two-Way Adjustment For Mavs

Summary: "I think it’s going to take us a little time to get used to him, ’cause
we’re not used to having five men who can pass the way that he can,” Devin
Harris explained. “Obviously, Zaza was great for us, but Bogut is going
to have the ball a lot more in his hands and off the elbow, so it’s our
job to kind of learn how to play with that, understand what he’s looking
for and how to get easy baskets off of it.”
“That’s exactly right. It works on both ends,” Bogut echoed. “I’m
adjusting to a lot of guys being on our team, just like they’re
adjusting to me. That’s what the preseason and training camp is for. You
know, they’re used to running out to the (three-point line) and
spacing, and I’m like, ‘No, back cut and curl cut, and I’ll find you.’ …
I think they understand what I’m saying now. And when you’re a great
shooter, they tend to overplay you from three. So, if they can get some
easy baskets early, it really helps our cause." (from Earl K. Sneed

6) Zach Lowe's 30 Crazy Predictions


Even the NBA, the most predictable major U.S. pro sports league, is fraught with uncertainty. The Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals! But making predictions is a useful thought exercise, and it's healthy to creep out on a limb once in a while.

As usual, we throw darts at issues both huge and teensy. Some of these calls are so ultra-specific, the odds of them actually happening are miniscule. There's no fun in safety. (from Zach Lowe)

7) Timberwolves: The Next Step

Summary: The young stars of the Minnesota
Timberwolves are ready to take over the NBA. But can Karl-Anthony Towns,
Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine turn around a franchise that seems to
have forgotten how to win? (from Jonathan Abrams)

8) The Great Aaron Gordon Positional Experiment

Summary: The Magic want Aaron Gordon to play small forward. The numbers don’t support this plan, but the science behind Orlando’s freak athlete does.(from Danny Chau)

9)The Misunderstanding Of JR Smith

Summary: Basketball’s most unpredictable talent continues to captivate and confuse. 9from Charles bethea)

10) How The Nuggets Built Their International Army

Summary: Denver
has struck gold with international prospects for the past five years.
What are the Nuggets seeing that other teams aren’t? (from Jonathan Tjarks)

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