The Wage Gap In Women v. Men's Golf

So one time I wrote about how the USGA/R&A is concerned about playing golf championships at golf clubs where women are not allowed to be members, which I don't think is a big deal. What I do believe though is the gap in wage from the PGA to the LPGA tour.

I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but the gap is huge. I don't just mean a couple hundred thousand dollars in difference; I'm talking at times millions. In the 2015 Masters tournament, Jordan Speith won a whopping 1.8 million dollars. While at the first LPGA event of the 2016 season , the ANA Inspiration, Lydia Ko received a check for $390,000. I know what you're thinking, Speith won the Masters and Ko just won the tournament where she jumps in a pond. But look at this other stats! In 2014 at the US Women's Open, Michelle Wie took home $720,000 while a week prior Martin Kaymer's check was written for $1.62 million at the US Open.

This gap can be blamed on the lack of sponsor's for women's events, even the broadcast coverage. Can it be blamed on skill? Harder work? No.

Golf is truly one of a few games where men and women play in the exact same format. The only difference? The yardages that they play.

Tennis at Grand Slam events have the same earnings for men and women, yet at other event's it isn't there fully. But even at majors men and women don't earn the same, and the men earn a high dollar more.

The largest earnings for a win on the LPGA for the 2016 season was at the US Open where Brittany Lang won $810,000. The largest earning for a win on the PGA tour was Jason Day at the TPC where he cashed a check for $1.89 Million. That's over a $1 million dollar difference. This year 44 PGA tour events had an earning of over $1 million for the winner. The highest earning for and LPGA player was $200,000 less than that.

If you don't think that is an issue, I think you should look again. Yes, we can blame that on sponsorship. But why don't LPGA events have as good of sponsorship as PGA tour events? Don't guys love when girls play golf in short skirts?

If you have ever watched an LPGA event versus a PGA event you will find that the women interact with the spectators, they actually are a lot more consistent with their shots and never have I seen an LPGA player get fined for a profanity on the course on camera or for spitting on the green.

Why don't people talk about this? We cared when the US womens' soccer team complained of their wage. Yet, what are we doing about women that play golf? You know I never have heard them complain, but maybe that's because they are in it because they truly love the game and want to grow the game. Instead of just playing to win and make money like a few PGA player have stated.

I think it's time for LPGA to earn what they deserve. What about you?

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