Why I Don't Agree With The R&A

I feel like I talk about golf a lot, but I guess that's because I am really passionate about it. So recently the R&A, which is a governing body for golf, made a rule where host golf clubs in Europe must allow women to be members of their club or the events would not be played at those venues. Thursday it was announced that Muirfield's members took a vote and the required two-thirds approval to allow women members was not met. Because of this, the R&A announced that Muirfield would not be considered a venue for the British Open until women were allowed as members.

I am going to start by saying I am a woman and I could not be more disappointed in the R&A, yep you read that right. I promise I am not "anti-women" or whatever, I am a woman, but I also play golf and feel that I didn't like that. But hear me out before you call me out for not being all woman power.

Where did golf originate? Who was golf created by? Maybe you all think I am old-fashioned or just plain weird but I know there is a major push to expand the spectrum of golfers and promote women playing, but the current way this is being held I have an issue with. It all goes back to golf in the good ole days. And I know golf was perceived as a "snooty", "rich man", and "men's game" but that all goes back to the roots of golf and it is what I love. Golf is a game that unfortunately is perceived as a "rich man's" game, which all goes back to golf hundreds of years ago when it was really expensive and golf clubs were very exclusive and wealthy. Golf originated in Europe, Scotland in the 15th century to be exact. So obviously the traditions and history are even more prevalent in Europe, where most courses do not even allow players to drive golf carts.

One item that seems to be becoming looser is attire at the golf course. My biggest pet peeve is when people do not wear proper clothes to the golf course to play golf. T-shirts, jeans, gym shorts, and athletic shirts that have straps instead of sleeves are not appropriate. I see this more and more as the initiative for women to play golf grows, and this is something that automatically strikes me the wrong way. We need to educate women on proper golf attire. Maybe I am a stickler, but I don't take people who wear these items seriously, and the more I see it the less I am taken seriously because of being a girl. And also because yes golf is a different sport, it's the "uniform".

I do agree that there needs to be the initiative to grow women's prevalence in golf, and I do agree that there is a staggering difference in pay for women's events. But my main point is that the history and tradition of golf is being forgotten.

A golf club is its own and if the club does not want to allow women members they should not be penalized for that. There are many men only clubs and there are also many women only clubs. And at this men-only club, women are allowed to play; the event that would be played is a men's event and does not even involve women. Many players have come out saying that they are thrilled with the decision by the R&A but I don't agree. I don't think that has the impact that the R&A believe on women playing, it is an amazing course and one that is full of history and tradition. And a player who knows the game, history, and tradition, I believe, would respect that.

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