4 Seattle Date Ideas You Have Never Thought Of Before Now

4 Seattle Date Ideas You Have Never Thought Of Before Now

I honestly didn't think of these things either, until my guy showed them to me.


I grew up in Central Washington. I loved it, but there's not much there besides movie theaters, ice rinks, and restaurants. Whenever I would go to Seattle, it was a treat, but we always did the super-touristy activities — the Space Needle, the Aquarium, Pike's Place, etc. This past weekend I was visiting my guy, and let me tell you, he exceeded my expectations in taking me on some of the coolest adventures.

1. Improv comedy show

I have never been to an improv comedy show. Something inside me was telling me all along that improv wouldn't make me laugh. Let me tell you, BEST $15 I've ever spent. I was laughing every two minutes for an hour and a half. The one we went to was located at Pike's Place called Unexpected Productions. Nothing but good people and good belly laughs.

2. An unknown hole-in-the-wall restaurant

@tharle_food_adda on Instagram: “ಬಿಸಿ ಬಿಸಿ ಕಾಫಿ ಮತ್ತು ಚಹಾ ❤️ Place : Ramprasad Hotel. Follow our food journey on : @zomatoin : http://zoma.to/u/50108164 . @facebook :…”

We went to Sherpa House, a Nepalese-inspired cuisine. Check out their menu, and go! I highly recommend their hot chai. No, it is nothing liked Starbucks or any chai you think you've had before. This is the real deal. Then we had a little of everything from the menu - no regrets. Really, pick any restaurant that looks good and you want to try.

3. Pottery painting in University District

I'm not creative, nor have I have been good at drawing. We were surrounded by kids half our age. Nonetheless, it was so fun and very well-priced for a day date! I painted a flower vase, and my guy painted a spoon rest. The place we went to was called Paint the Town, but I'm sure there are a lot of places like this in the area.

4. Thrift store shopping

I can't remember the exact name of the thrift store we went to, but that's beside the point. There are a lot more thrift stores than Goodwill in Seattle, and they are more fun to shop in than regular stores.

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Post-Breakup Life Still Hurts

Feelings were once there, and that doesn't just go away.


Dealing with a breakup is ultimately a struggle. As long as there were feelings involved, it hurts. Time does not matter, nor does anything else really. The things that do matter are the memories you made, the laughs, the jokes, everything that was once good in a relationship. The good memories, wherein at that point in time, you wondered how you could ever live without this person. The memories where you questioned if you're ever going to break up because everything seems so perfect. Because when you look back on those memories, you wonder how things could have taken such a drastic turn.

1. "You deserve better"

Whenever anyone goes through a breakup, the people around them try to support the person by telling them they deserve better. They will tell you that you can do better. They will pick on your ex for little things to try to show you why this is true. Maybe to crack a smile, make you laugh, bring some light back into your eyes. The problem is, it still hurts. Even if you have come to the realization that you can do better or that you do deserve better, the pain is still there. Feelings were once there, and that doesn't just go away.

2. "Can we stay friends?"

After a breakup, it is too difficult for many to jump to being friends. When you once shared a connection with someone that was more intimate, it's hard to just drop that and look at them in a completely different way. It hurts to hear the words, "I want to remain friends." For many, this may be a relief. But for me, this was a knife to my heart. I could not fathom how someone could want to jump from a relationship to a friendship so quickly. I still felt that I needed time to heal. This made me realize he did not need that time to heal. In fact, it showed that he was perfectly fine if he could go on with his day, seeing me as a friend, and not wanting more. It then hit me; did he ever even like me? If he did, it clearly was not as much as I liked him. It hurts. This hurts. It all hurts.

3. Seeing you around

I obviously don't want to sound bitter. I want my ex to be happy. I don't hate him. I do want the best for him. We had many good memories once before, and I can't choose to ignore that. But seeing him around is painful. This is because I wouldn't just "see him around" before. I would be with him. Or I would see him and join him on whatever he was about to partake in. Now, it's as if that had never happened; as if we're strangers. I obviously eventually want him to find a girl one day that he will love and cherish. It would simply be selfish of me if I said otherwise. But, it's going to hurt. It's going to hurt me because I will be wondering what she has that I don't. I will be questioning why he could stay with her, but breakup with me. It will hurt seeing that I could not make him happy enough to stay.

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I'm Going To Be 'Forever Alone' Until Eternity Unless Someone Like Noah Calhoun Comes Into My Life

Loneliness, it's inevitable.


Forever alone, it's a phrase known by many. A feeling felt by most to not all individuals during a period of life or currently. Deep-down inside, we're all forever alone, nobody wants to admit, though. Okay, not everyone, but if I'm talking to you then you understand what's attempting to be said at this moment.

Well, you may wonder, what has stemmed this feeling of being "forever alone", recently. Several days ago, my friend sent me a video she made for her boyfriend as a six-month anniversary gift. As her friend, I watched the video and loved it, I was ecstatic to see my friend in love and happy with her boyfriends. Then, this little feeling inside of my soul slowly erupted as the video concluded, that achy feeling of loneliness.

Loneliness, yes, I feel alone, I am alone, what other words should I use to describe that sensation that runs through your body of never finding to share your time with. Alright, I'm necessarily talking about marriage because, at only twenty-years-old, the world is my oyster, but a significant other, possibly.

Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I never see myself with another individual acquainted and in love. For some odd reason, my brain won't allow those type of thoughts to appear. The other day, I mentioned to a friend that I never really "see" myself anyone, I want to be in a relationship, but I can't imagine it.

Romance, I've been fascinated by the idea of it since I was a young girl in love with The Notebook, which is a stellar movie. Ryan Gosling knows how to steal hearts even as the fictional character of Noah.

Movies and books perceive romance and love as easy and effortless, as if it's possible for anyone, but not me, unfortunately.

A majority of my friends are in happy and cute relationships where they genuinely seem in love and content with their significant others. As they all begin talking about their cute dates and showing pictures, that sense of loneliness sinks in. That sense of being "forever alone" starts to feel incredibly real within.

You know, when you're alone in your bedroom on a Friday night because all your friends are on dates and there's you, dateless and alone.

The intention of this is to not sound as if I'm depressed in any form because everything is okay, no worries Mom and Dad. Also, this is not the time and place to seek pity on me, this just a perfect time to express my thoughts to the issue of being "forever alone".

During the LONG period of being forever throughout my lifetime, I've learned quite a lot about myself. Loneliness is absolutely okay because I've learned to be comfortable with myself as an individual. Independence is important ladies and gents, sometimes loneliness can stem a sense of independence. You don't always need someone around you to feel content in any form and that's just fine.

So, if one day in the future, I end up finding my Noah Calhoun than it's fate. As of now, I'm content being "forever alone".

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