Thank Yous For The Most Underappreciated People In College
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Student Life

To The 10 Most Underappreciated People At College

Even if we don't say it enough, thank you for everything.


College years involve encountering many people (or if you go to a huge school like me, you feel like you're meeting the entire world's population). Some of these people are good, some are incredible, and some are horrible, but they all shape us and help us grow and transition into the adult world.

But there are several of these people in our college experience that we tend to forget to acknowledge and we fail to recognize how they've helped us. So here is a very important tribute to the many people that we may forget but still deserve a special thanks. Perhaps you may fit into one (or many) of these categories for somebody:

1. To the housekeeping staff in the dorms...

Thank you for cleaning up after all of us filthy college students. After many of the disgusting messes, substances, and stains we've left behind, you keep our residence halls liveable and do all the cleaning we aren't responsible enough to do ourselves. You work tirelessly to help the hundreds of us who inhabit the building, cleaning from the break of dawn until long after nightfall. Sometimes it seems like we forget about you, but always know that we don't.

2. To the campus bus drivers...

Thank you for helping us navigate campus when we couldn't navigate it ourselves. The winters can be brutal, the rain can be violent, and sometimes life happens and it's hard for us to walk. Sometimes we take you as a resource for granted, but you can really be a lifesaver for many of us. When January and February hit and we bottleneck into the bus, sometimes we can be a bit of a nuisance, but please know that we couldn't live without you.

3. To the enthusiastic person in my 8 A.M./9 A.M. ...

Sometimes the teacher's pets can get a bad rep, but thank you for helping me through waking up for an early morning class. I really don't know how you do it. Seriously. Thank you for making class engaging and keeping sleep deprivation from getting the best of me. I don't think I could learn that early in the morning without your help so please keep participating and you deserve an A+++ in participation.

4. To the dining hall staff...

Thank you for feeding us before we have to cook for ourselves. We're stressed, tired, and, not to mention, often very short on time. I've personally enjoyed the diverse meals I've been served but oftentimes, we're all appreciative of having food in our bellies. Thank you for always remaining friendly when swiping us in and making sure there are no shortages in the foods we love (a.k.a. boneless wings and curly fries).

5. To the TAs that hold additional office hours...

Thank you for truly doing us a service and putting students before yourselves when we have a difficult assignment coming up. As someone in a computer science-intensive major, I've witnessed first hand how additional office hours really save lives. But showing care for the success of students is super important and we value it tremendously, especially in the midst of other work you're probably doing.

6. To the campus police...

Okay, okay, we do complain about the possibility of "getting busted" for many things (like that super awesome party last Friday), but we have to appreciate your valiant efforts to keep all of us safe. We should acknowledge that you aren't here to "fill a quota" but rather to protect us and potentially save our lives. As a female, I know that I could be particularly vulnerable to sexual assault (though really anyone could). You help all of us feel safe and that is much appreciated.

7) To the RAs...

Once again, we sometimes worry about you "busting" us, but we have to appreciate all the personal sacrifices you make to help students who live on campus. From staying on duty at ungodly hours to having to avert serious crises, we have to give you all a huge "Thank you" for protecting and helping us when we live on campus. You have to heavily value the safety of many other people which is a pretty tall order, so we are grateful for all of you.

8. To the people who have to salt the roads in the winter (if you go to a school with cold weather, of course)...

Thank you for truly saving us from serious injury. We hope that when we wake up on a snowy morning, the salt is there by magic but somebody has to put it down. Thank you for ensuring the safety of the large student body and preventing the possibility of numerous serious injuries. Getting to class is very important regardless of the weather but our safety is perhaps even more important. Thank you for making sure we have both!

9. To the attractive person in my class...

We have to admit that these people are all very important (and maybe we could be *that* person for someone else), but let's not forget the larger way they help us--they motivate us to go to class! In other words, we can't forget that these kinds of people not only appeal to our eyes but actually HELP us academically. We always have an incentive to go to class--even if it's Monday, even if we had a rough night, or even if we're feeling under the weather.

10. To the first people who really made you feel welcome...

Some of us may not speak to these people anymore, or maybe we still do. But no matter what happened between then and now, we can't forget them and shouldn't forget them. I make sure I appreciate and cherish these people, even if my life changes or their lives change, and these people will hold a special place in my heart forever. So here is a giant thank you to these people that some of us may have forgotten, because they, in some way, helped our college careers move in a positive direction.

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