This love consumes

It becomes part of you

And doesn't care who you are.

Your thoughts become the sea in a storm.

Thrashing about violently

And deafening you with the crash.

Love will do everything it can

To be felt when it isn't wanted.

Even if it means hurting you in the end.

It's an addiction that courses through your veins

Like nicotine from a cigarette

Or smoke that makes you float through the stars.

You don't want it when it's there,

Yet you hate it when it's gone.

Like a piece of you is missing.

Without it you feel empty,

With it, you feel invincible

As if you're an untouchable god.

To love unconditionally

Is to love without fear of consequence,

No matter what they may be.

Discouraging words roll off your shoulders

You fight to make sure the one you love

Never faces the world on their own.

To be loved unconditionally

Is something you never want to lose,

But sometimes you will.

Sometimes the love lasts forever

And others it's a fleeting feeling

That nobody quite understands.

The worst thing you can do

Is love someone unconditionally

Even when they don't love you back.

It'll drive you to places you don't want to go,

Make you feel things you can't control,

And damn near kill you in the end.