What's It Like To Be A Type B Personality In A Type A World
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What's It Like To Be A Type B Personality In A Type A World

Part 1 of my case for the laid-back personalities.

What's It Like To Be A Type B Personality In A Type A World

Most people have heard about the Type A/B personality type and what the general traits that come from each. However, most people tend to associate with having a type A personality. Type A people are generally competitive and they set high goals for themselves and tend to prize busyness They like to plan things out and be organized, whereas type B people are more laid back and spontaneous.

First things first, here is a little bit about the origins of the personality types. This personality setup was originally made in the 1950's by two doctors who felt they needed to categorize people. They suggested that Type A people are at more risk for heart disease because of their high stress lives. Type B people tend to have relatively low stress and are at lower risk for heart disease. This personality test was purely based on the behavioral traits of a person rather than cognitive processes.

So here is what it is like to be a Type B person in a world of Type A personalities!

OK, the thing about Type B people is that we are not easily rushed, and we tend to thrive at a steady pace. We’re the type of people to do one thing at a time and not multiple things at one time. We don’t really see the rush in doing a project and it not turning out fantastic because we rushed through it. We like to take our time completing tasks (even if we take a hour long break on Pinterest), and this often comes across as being lazy because we’re not working as fast as our lovely type A counterparts. We’re just strong believers in taking breaks and doing normal-like things. We’re pretty laid-back, and it’s not that we don’t like achievement it’s just we enjoy doing things in a timely manner and enjoying each step of the process. This usually doesn’t happen for us, especially when it comes to school. There is usually a long list of deadlines that we have to meet because we have assignments for multiple classes that need to be done.

Type B people don’t really sweat the small stuff either. This tends to go back to the idea that Type B’s are kind of lazy, but I mean little details just don’t quite matter to us. For me, making my bed every day and having a detailed calendar just doesn’t quite matter. There are worst things in the world then leaving my bed unmade (besides it will just get unmade again the next day). For us, there’s just a lot of things that are not worth getting stressed out over. Now there are certain decisions, like picking a major and choosing who to date, that Type B’s do not glaze over because those are the big-picture things that Type B’s generally care about!

We Type B people lean towards spontaneity in our lives. I like to leave room in my life for adventure and random road trips, so I try not to plan everything down to the minute. This trait tends to go back to the whole not-bother-keeping-a-calendar thing. Honestly, as a Type B person, I’ve tried keeping a calendar and usually I do it for about a week before I give up. I like to leave things up to chance, and spontaneous trips to Sonic and Walmart are like the thread of my existence. I can still live with myself as long as all my projects and work gets done. Another thing I think a lot of Type B people don’t like to live very busy lives unlike the rest of the world. Having a free day to read and relax and sleep in won’t make me feel lazy. Having a day where no work needs to be done and no adventure happens is perfectly alright. As a Type B person nothing makes me feel better than having a perfectly relaxed day.

So this is what it is like to be a type B person! We're the more laid back of the two personalities. However this article does't quite cover what it is completely like to be a type B, so on that note stay tuned for next week as I cover the perks of a type B person!

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