Before the Diagnosis

Life is complete,

Nothing in the world can compete.

You love your job,

You never full out sob.

Friends are always there,

The friends that truly care.

Happiness overwhelms you,

You realize that love songs can be true.

Love is present,

Happiness is present,

Your life is not yet in descent.

You are healthy,

And that is so much better than deathly.

You are healthy,

You are lucky.

After the Diagnosis

Your world has been shattered,

You realized that few things truly mattered.

Support is nearing gone,

Many friends said so long.

You appear to be well,

As your joints swell and swell.

You are sad every day,

You never go out to play.

Like a withering rose, your petals fell,

You feel like an empty shell

The future disappeared in a moment,

There is no time left to repent.

Accepting the Diagnosis

Your life will never be the same,

Yet your body is the only one to blame.

If only you could keep it together,

Your hopes and dreams will come true never.

But new dreams will come,

You will find happiness in some.

Good friends, great job, happiness,

All comes back to you in the bleakness.

The petals will fall back together,

One at a time they will drift back forever.

Just give it time,

Do not worry, grieving is not a crime.

Life will get better,

Life did get better.