How to find the positives in not getting what you want
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God's Plan?

How to see the positive when life doesn't go your way.

God's Plan?

We all have that VISION! We paint this life scenario of what our world would be life if we achieved a dream in mind. Whether that be scoring a internship to set you up for the big world, meet a certain weight, or being apart of something bigger than yourself. As children was have dreams for ourself, sometimes so big its almost fairytale like. We all have desires and se ourselves succeeding and there is no sought that it could be possible, but it just might not be how you picture it. There is nothing more heartbreaking than going along the journey and never reaching the finish line, but trust me God has a detour.

Acknowledge Your Commitment

In the moment, you feel that the remark, "You should be proud of yourself," is just a big slap in the face, for why would you be proud of failing? The truth is.... YOU SHOULD. So many people think about what they want in life and never actually try. knowing that you actually went after your goal will give you some direction as to where to go next. It takes. strong person to make time for a specific thing and continue to do this crazy thing called life.

Dealing with Rejection

I can't lie, as soon as your dreams crush so do you. you crumble, your heart explodes, and the waterworks is like a never ending hurricane. your life feels as if you are in a middle of a never ending tornado and you have no sense of direction. THIS IS NORMAL! It is ok to be upset, for you have put so much time into whatever your dream was and when it is crushed it is ok to be upset, but you must move on. The most ugliest side of grief is bitterness and coping with rejection I key to moving on and obtaining another goal.

What Now?

When you have realized you are stable enough to move on, start small. Treat yourself for all the dedication as if you are giving yourself a little break. don't stop doing what you love, even if that means finding a different form of channeling that passion. For example, I have been a competitive dancer since I was five years old and not being able to dance how I use to changed me a human. I didn't know how to express myself, so I found a new way and I starting doing this for myself. I started dancing in my free time and continued to choreographing for others. It my not be the same, but I still doing what I love.

Look at the positives

It is hard to look at the bright side when the result doesn't benefit you. But humility and being denied creates grace and thicker skin. You may not have gotten what you wanted , but acknowledging your dedication, or even congratulating others on their success builds your character. events like these make you who you are and help you grow as a person. The person who gets whatever they want in life may not know the feeling of being broken down and their character may be so negative and not sincere. Acknowledging someone's success is important because you know how much work you put in and being happy for someone else is just as important.

Try Again?

In the moment, you may never want to chase your dream again because you are afraid of failure. Just like a sickness you need rest to heal. and one you heal, you can go back to your normal way of life. once you have healed, time will tell if you still wants to achieve that dream and your life may lead to a new path that is even better than you wished for.

Learn from failure

Failure can be as small as failing a test, being a terrible friend, or even not making the dream team. It is ok to look at what you did wrong or realize that you gave your all. Improvement will only prevent you from peaking and help you grow into an even stronger individual. In failure come strength.

Grow as a person

I have learned through my failure that I am strong, I am driven, I am loving, and am grateful, and most importantly, I am hopeful. I may never know the path god chooses for me, but I know that joy will be found in a different way. I am grateful for the positive influences around me help me through whatever. when you have loving people in your life shows you are not alone and that you show as much love in return. so keep your head up and be ready for the next opportunity. and always remember......

When one door closes, three doors open!

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