50 Things To Wish For The World
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50 Things To Wish For The World

Puppies for all!

50 Things To Wish For The World

With a world full of so much good, this is also a world of so much evil. One of my main goals in life is to help people. Why should we help people"? We all live in this world so to help one another could have such a positive impact. You can help by donating food to the homeless, raise funds for those who need medical help, pick up some garbage at the beach, simply hold the door open for someone; there is just so much, large or small that one person can do to help However, being just one person, I myself cannot change the entire world to go in a more positive direction; I can only do my part.

With trying to put in positive help and efforts for the world got me thinking about some things I hope to happen for the future. I wanted to ask 50 random people of all different ages and backgrounds through social media and in person "What is one thing you wish for the world?; Here is what they had said:

1. "More kindness for the world."

2. "Happiness or Peace."

3. "I wish that all children in the world have access to a good quality education."

4. "End to global warming."

5. "That everyone finds happiness in their life, whatever form that may be."

6.) "I feel like peace is the easy way out, but I would wish for the world to understand, like understand why people are the way they are and respect them for it, or financial peace for all. Or no debt...Haha. I had to nail it down."

7. "Cancer free."

8. "End war by changing a lot of people."

9. "Make all resources that we use in society infinite."

10. "For everyone to be happy."

11. "My mom back or to have a sister or daughter."

12. "Actually live, not just exist and survive."

13. "I'd give every person a dog; dogs make everything better."

14. "Increase people's empathy."

15. "For there to be no more wars."

16. "To be BPD free."

17. "Everybody has to only speak in vowels."

18. "Get rid of Donald Trump."

19. "Getting rid of Donald Trump."

20. "All I want in the world is to live at peace with my family in our home <3 there's nothing I can imagine better then that."

21. "No more violence."

22. "This dumbass dude I have mad feelings for but he stays acting stupid and toxic so I had to cut him out of my life; yeah that's it."

23. "That the world would wake up and fight against what the government is doing to us."

24. "Actually, in reality for humans to be conscious of their decisions and realize how they could change the world for animals and how they live. And make more conscious decisions to help sick, injured, and abandoned animals to help them live the lives they deserve also."

25. "World peace, no more government corruption, wealth is given to anyone who needs it, mental illness is manageable and nonexistent."

26. "To be free from my mental illnesses and to have a family."

27. "Every person in the world be rich! Rich in food rich in happiness and rich in health!"

28. "To not effect my daughter with my mental illness."

29. "For people to actually give a damn and not just worry about what they personally get, NIMBY,...we need a benevolent dictator, a greater sharing of wealth."

30. "That my black community will accept that a mental illness is not a curse, that I'm not demon possessed. That it's real and the colour of your skin, your background and where you come from has nothing to do with it. Praying about it won't make it go away, exercising certain rituals won't make it dissapear All we need is love, support and acceptance."

31. "I'd love to be able to live in another country. That, or fix the f**ked up American government (get big money out, demolish the 2 party system, remove religion from politics) --- actually, removing religion completely from the world would be a dream. Also -- it'd be pretty rad if the whole world went vegan ;)."

32. "To have my kids home and social services to realise were not bad parents."

33. "World peace, inner peace."

34. "I would wish for reparations and to end all foreign aid. Personally I would want to work 9-5 Monday to Friday, have my own home which I would be safe in and a 99' Nissan micra with no debt."

35. "For people who claim to be your carer, to not mentally and physically abuse you for 4 years, and when you do escape them they land an assault charge on you...As if they haven't ruined your life enough already... sorry people can be truly evil...I just really hate the way mental health gets abused...being one who suffered abuse in the first place to be diagnosed as having BPD."

36. "Zero poverty."

37. "That everyone is accepted as the unique individuals they are."

38. "Peace, love, unity acceptance, loss of interest in control money and power, kindness, helpful ways everybody feeling good happy and zero loneliness and less pain or and suffering caring for all...love is all you need... the Beatles haha."

39. "Everybody loving themsevles."

40. "Cancer free."

41. "World Peace."

42. "Free puppies."

43. "Equal Salaries."

44. "Happiness or Peace."

45. "Racial Equality."

46. "Success."

47. "A sane president."

48. "Music."

49. "[For people] Not too [be] sensitive."

50. "Not Trump."

***Maybe some day, many of these positive things will exist for everyone; I hope everyone pitches in to make the world a better place***

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