Afraid To Trust Others

Trust. The cornerstone of love, happiness, and a strong relationship.

How do you blindly trust someone you don't really know? Every time you trust someone new you risk ending up being reminded that it's better not to trust at all.

Bonds and relationships are built on trust. Sometimes it's hard to trust and you have to learn to put your fears aside, take a leap of faith and decide that you are going to allow yourself to trust this person. In doing so, you are opening yourself and your heart to the possibility of being hurt. That can be difficult to do.

Pistanthrophobia is defined as the

"fear of trusting people due to prior negative experiences with romantic partners."

One person has the ability to make you never trust again. So many times we let an ex ruin what could be a great new relationship because they lacked loyalty. If you have to play detective and question everything you are told, you will drive yourself crazy and it will ruin your new and future relationships.

Because of your ex, you feel that the best way to avoid being disappointed is not to expect the truth from anyone.

If you are with someone who is afraid to trust, realize that it isn't because of you, it's because of the past. You can't force someone to trust you, but you can be consistent. Be open with your communication, do what you say, be where you should, don't have secrets and never, ever lie.

Be patient and don't give a reason for there to be doubt. Hopefully, with time, they will learn to trust you.

If you are the one afraid to trust be realistic, aware but not naive. It's not really about words, but about behavior. Never apologize for trusting your institution. Your heart can blind you and your brain can make you paranoid, but use your gut because your instinct is usually right.

Trust is letting go and opening your heart. Don't be afraid to love again. Don't be afraid to trust again.

Trusting you is my choice, proving me right is yours.

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