The President Has No Clothes
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The President Has No Clothes

It is obvious that he is like the emperor with no clothes and his subjects are afraid to tell him.

The President Has No Clothes

How do we stop a person from making poor choices, not only for himself but for the family, friends, and innocent bystanders in his life? It seems that if a seventy-four-year-old man cannot see he is doing more harm than good; the people around him should make it clear to him that he is. However, they don't seem to know how to. Or maybe many are hoping he just gives up on his own. I don't see the later happening and it scares me that many in our country have blind faith that he knows what he is doing.

Mr. Trump is sick. He has a deadly virus coursing through his body. This is no longer the hoax he insisted it was in public conversations, and knew it was deadly when speaking privately with Mr. Woodward. He is getting treatment of a whole lot of medicines that are giving a sense of euphoria instead of the aching, heavy feeling COVID-19 gives others that dealt with it. He has taunted his false healthy attitude on several videos sent out for his faithful followers to see. His medical staff and spokespeople skirt the questions regarding when, how, and if he understands the magnitude of his illness.

It is obvious that he is like the emperor with no clothes and his subjects are afraid to tell him. These doctors took an oath to do no harm. That does not just pertain to the patient at hand, but what happens if they are not truthful with their patient and allow him to harm others. It is a necessity for many to stay home and protect themselves and their loved ones from people like him that disregard the health problems of many. He sends out a message of callous disregard to others that lost loved ones from this deadly virus. He shows no empathy for the millions that have been affected by this virus. Whether it is in direct contact with the illness, or loss of jobs, as well as the people sheltered in their homes away from loved ones dealing with the onset of depression that is overwhelming.

When Mr. Trump decided to make this virus a political issue, he lost his credibility with some that had put their faith in his agenda. Now, as election day looms and the polls, whether you want to believe them or not, shows he has lost his footing in a possible negotiable win. His rhetoric on election fraud has most American's determined to vote no matter how they do it. Many will vote by mail. However, they won't just drop it in their nearest mailbox. Why, because we already know Mr. Trump has slowed the postal service from once a snail's crawl to now a zombie crawl. Meaning your ballot might be dead on arrival.

That is why it is so important to make a plan on how, when, and where you are going to vote. Each state has offered as much information regarding your rights and responsibility for voting on or before November 3, 2020. All states have issued the applicable documents needed for each eligible voting citizen. It might be hard to get your mail-in ballot to a secure location. That is why you need a plan. In some states, the nearest secure drop box is many miles away.

Therefore, we must make a plan. Ask around, see if others in your circle aren't sure how they are going to vote. If it is the option of a long road trip, find a safe route, take a friend or two. Obviously, with masks and social distancing as best you can, put your favorite music on and hit the road for democracy.

We can't stop this ill man from campaigning with a killer virus coursing through his body, but we can make sure to voice our opinions of his action with our votes.

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