Why Latinos For Trump In Arizona Could Decide The 2020 Election
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Latinos For Trump In Arizona Could Be Crucial For The President's Reelection

As the state of Arizona becomes more politically divided, the organization Latinos for Trump could be the president's trump card.

Latinos For Trump In Arizona Could Be Crucial For The President's Reelection

With Arizona transitioning into a purple swing state and minority support playing a key role of importance for both presidential candidates, the organization Latinos for Trump work with the Republicans in Arizona to help reelect President Donald Trump on November 3.

Arizona ranks among the top five in the country for the highest Hispanic and Latino population, and according to the 2019 U.S. Census, 31.7% of Arizona's population is made up of Hispanics and Latinos. With help from Latinos for Trump, the current president hopes to gain more support from this highly important demographic.

The organization's website describes its mission as: "Latinos for Trump are mobilizing to reelect President Donald. J. Trump by sharing the historic gains made in Latino communities as a result of the Trump administration."

On September14, President Trump, Gov. Doug Ducey, and key Latino and Hispanic Republicans attended a Latinos for Trump roundtable event in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

"Hispanic Americans strengthen our nation beyond description," said Trump.

Latinos for Trump is not quiet in its efforts to ensure Trump's reelection. Through the Trump Victory Committee, voter registrations events take place across the state and even the country.

"It's very important for every Latino American to get out and vote, it's our right to vote and express our choice for President Trump and his leadership," said Arte Moreno, Arizona native, current owner of the Los Angeles Angels and the first Mexican-American to own a major sports team in the United States.

Despite the efforts of this organization, poll numbers change daily and currently show Biden as the candidate favored to win Arizona.

But business owner Gloria Badilla believes Trump is the only reasonable choice for president. She said he is the person to thank for the success of her small business in Arizona.

"As a Mexican immigrant and current U.S. citizen now to this beautiful country that I can call my own, we have achieved our American dream," said Badilla at the roundtable event.

The president is never shy in expressing his successes to the media, and through Latinos for Trump he continues to reiterated the positivity he believes he has brought to the Hispanic and Latino communities of America.

"Before the 'Chinese Virus' came in, we achieved the lowest Hispanic American unemployment rate ever recorded," said Trump. "Over 600,000 Hispanic Americans were lifted out of poverty during that time."

During this time of political uncertainty, the voice of minorities will play a key role in the outcome of this election. The Latinos for Trump in Arizona and across the U.S continue to share their stories through events and media believing that Trump will face victory on election night.

"Your community is so important to me," said Trump. "Many Hispanic Americans came here to pursue the American dream, you look at what [Democrats] asking for, and is like the American nightmare."

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