Tropical Storm Dorian Makes Its Way Towards Florida, Possibly As A Hurricane

Tropical Storm Dorian Makes Its Way Towards Florida, Possibly As A Hurricane

What you need to know about hurricane preparations and Tropical Storm Dorian.

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As hurricane season is at its peak, weather forecasts are keeping a close watch over Tropical Storm Dorian which is currently passing over the U.S. Virgin Islands, bringing heavy rainfall. Dorian is projected to hit Puerto Rico as a hurricane and become a Major Hurricane, consisting of wind speeds higher than 110 miles per hour, as it passes through the Bahamas. The current projected westward path estimates that Dorian will make its way into central Florida through the East Coast on Monday, September 2, 2019.

Puerto Rico is currently making preparations for a hurricane and all Floridians should too. Dorian's wind speed and severity is estimated to increase as it makes its way into central Florida. If the National Hurricane Center's estimations concerning Dorian's path are correct, the east coast of Florida can expect a Category 2 hurricane with wind speeds ranging from 96 to 110 miles per hour. Category 2 hurricanes can pose danger due to debris and damage caused by winds, possible flooding and power outages in large areas.

Although the path of Dorian in Florida is yet to be officially confirmed, Tallahassee's population should begin to prepare for possible damages or inconveniences that the hurricane could cause. Every student or individual in Tallahassee should consider taking these three precautions in order to remain safe if Dorian impacts North Florida.

1. Evacuation route. 

The location and impact of a hurricane cannot always be precisely estimated until it reaches a mainland, therefore Florida residents should plan their safest evacuation route as a possible precaution. You can find out if you are in an evacuation zone and locate your safest evacuation route on the Florida Disaster Maps website. Your car or transportation should be filled with gas before the projected landfall of the hurricane due to the uncertainty of its path or potential damages on gas stations near you.

2. Emergency supplies. 

Before a hurricane is projected to hit the landmass in which you are located, it is important to prepare certain tools and supplies in an organized and practical manner. Since there is a possibility that your location could lose power, stock up on batteries, flashlights and basic tools. It is extremely important to have a portable first aid kit in the event that you or an individual sustains an injury during the hurricane.

3. Non-perishable foods. 

In the event of a hurricane and a power outage, it is in your best interest to get three days worth of non-refrigerated food and water. Hurricanes can cause floods and damage to buildings, therefore if you plan on staying in a safe location, make sure that you have enough food and water to last you until it is safe to go outside again.

You can track the storm through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's website and learn more about hurricanes and precautions on The Department of Homeland and Security's website as well.

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