Here's What Happened When I, A Tinder-Hater, Signed Up For Bumble

Surprise, Mom and Dad! I joined bumble for a week.

To the 23 boys I matched with while on Bumble, sorry that my intentions weren't the most honest. (Most of) you were the sweetest, ya deserve the best. Conner from Ohio, you were just creepy. Brooks, you were adorable, lol heart you.

I've always been a Tinder-hater, claiming that the concept of the application was superficial and judgmental, based on physical traits and not personality, not to mention pretty sketchy as far as the credibility of some accounts goes.

Anyways, in this season of singleness, I was persuaded by a few folks to, completely as a joke, join bumble. The original idea was Tinder since I have always been so against it, but I felt a little weird knowing that I would see people that I knew on there. So, we went to bumble, knowing it had a more positive reputation, and also had the option to join for friendships, which is pretty neat if you ask me.

After much debate, I set up my profile and went ahead with the swiping. Not to my surprise, there were some cuties and some others who were honestly just a bit wonky.

I was worried it would be hard to find talking points, especially since I wanted to make it seem at least a little real. I ended up chatting with a few guys, gained some Instagram followers, and found not every guy on dating apps has the wrong intentions. Maybe it was just that I put up a front that pretty explicitly said I was not interested in anything of that sort, or maybe nice guys just really do exist, the world will never know.

If you ever end up on a dating app, take the hater's advice and be careful, but a little swiping doesn't hurt. Use your best judgment. A week was plenty of time for me, so you won't catch me buzzing on bumble ever again, but if that's your thing — keep it up, honey.

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