Bumble Honey: The Queen Bee Ambassador Program

Bumble Honey: The Queen Bee Ambassador Program


Are you a hip college girl? Do you consider yourself to be creative, enthusiastic, and in the know? Do you appreciate an artsy Instagram and an even cooler, women empowering company? Then look no further, Bumble Honey is the ambassador program for you.

Bumble Honey is, “an exclusive opportunity to be part of one of the top marketing programs in the country.” The program refers to everything college and is hands down the G.O.A.T. of ambassador programs for students right now. With influential females on just about every major campus in the US and UK, through Bumble Honey women connect with Bumble ambassadors around the world, show off their school spirit, and take on a unique leadership role in our digital age today.

Timeout! What’s Bumble, you ask? Here’s what you need to know: Bumble is changing the game of online dating by putting the ball in the woman’s court. Bumble’s website states, “The woman always makes the first move, and if she doesn't say something to a new connection within 24 hours, that connection disappears forever!”

In September, Bumble reported that women have made the first move on their app over 100,000,000 times - talk about girl power. No more waiting hours for that cute guy you matched with to message you, ladies, you make the first move!

Are you lucky enough to already have a significant other? Don’t worry, you can still benefit from Bumble. Bumble has a special BFF mode that you can turn on, which you’ll use specifically to find a new best friend. Whether you’re searching for someone to grab coffee with or even if you need someone to take your candid Instagrams (no shame), turn on Bumble BFF! In this mode, either person can send the first message.

Through Bumble, women are gaining confidence by making the first move, and now with Bumble Honey, girls are making even more moves all around the country. These honeys are learning to kill it in interviews, learning real world skills, and throwing some amazing events - tailgates, brunches, spin classes, you name it! Honeys don’t wait for things to happen for them, they make things happen - in their love lives and in the real world.

Bumble is for everyone, and they want the best of the best to help them spread the word. Five hundred girls across the country have already gotten their foot in the door at this fast growing startup. These Honey girls know how to work hard and play even harder. In the midst of all this, they’re still managing to gain a real world marketing experience. It’s a win-win. Are you ready to join the party?

As if you need any more convincing to join this awesome team, Bumble Honey is full of perks. Honeys are creative, determined, and strong leaders and they live by the motto, “Hard work pays off.” Besides promoting an awesome company and learning to network, Honey girls throw events on their own campuses, have boat parties, and can even earn a yellow Chanel bag if they kick enough ass. Does it get any better than that?

Bumble Honey teaches girls to “Make the First Move” in every aspect of life. Are you ready to make the first move and be a queen bee too? Come aboard! Check out Bumble Honey’s Instagram to see what other Honeys around the country are up to, @bumblehoney, and apply here.

Bumble is a female empowering dating, friend finding, and networking app that takes the pressure off of guys and puts the women in charge.

Cover Image Credit: Halee Sikorski

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To The Boy I’ve Been Dating Since I Was 15, I Always Knew You Were My Forever

Thank you for showing me love when I thought I didn't deserve any.


Hey you,

People assumed our "fling" would only last a few short months. It's what everyone assumes when your first love happens during your sophomore year of high school. Yet here we stand, three and a half years later, more together than we've ever been. Although we've had our ups and downs, we still managed to keep our relationship going and to remember why we're together in the first place.

Many say loving isn't easy, but you make it a walk in the park.

You respect me in more ways than one, and you make me feel beautiful, inside and out. For a long time, I never noticed the beauty and strength I have within myself. I didn't see what others would point out to me, and at times I still find it hard to acknowledge my worth. However, you came into my life at a time when I felt I had no one, and you helped me to see all I have to offer. You helped me to open my mind to the thought of loving myself for who I am, and although the road is long and I'm not completely there, you've made me see how worthy of love I truly am.

Having you as my best friend, along with being my boyfriend, is the most rewarding feeling in the world.

I think the reason we rarely fight or stay angry with each other is that we truly are best friends. We could spend all of our time in deep conversation about any topic in the world and still feel engaged and ready to hear more from one another. Every single day I learn something new about you and vice versa. We can be ourselves in each other's presence and have fun doing absolutely nothing exciting. I am easily annoyed by a lot of things, but you are not one of them. Being with you for hours, even if we just watch TV the entire time, never gets repetitive or boring.

You treated me with the respect I deserved before I even realized I was worthy of it.

In many ways, I don't respect myself. Whether it be body image or letting "friends" walk all over me, I let many thoughts and people control my life. You, however, were the saving grace I needed. You've shown me how I deserve to be treated and how I should think of myself. Often I wonder how I got so lucky to end up with someone who loves me unconditionally and who values everything I have to offer. I say all the time that I don't deserve your heart, your kindness, your love, but you always remind me that I do. And I'm starting to realize that you're right; I deserve every bit of love, kindness, and respect that you have to offer. I can only hope that I award you with the same love and selflessness you give me every single day.

Three and a half years with someone may seem extremely long, but I feel as though we've been together a lifetime. It's hard to remember a time when you weren't right there beside me, and I would never want to imagine a future without you in it. There are so many more laughs, adventures, and memories to be made with you, and I only hope that I can be at least half of the person you are.

Thank you for pulling me out of the darkness. Today, tomorrow, and always.

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