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I Asked My Boyfriend These 21 Questions About Me, And To Be Honest, I Was Pleasantly Surprised By His Answers

Hearing his answers made me realize why I fell in love with him in the first place.

I Asked My Boyfriend These 21 Questions About Me, And To Be Honest, I Was Pleasantly Surprised By His Answers
Taylor English

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over three years (wow, right?) and have spent almost every day together for those three years. With that being said, you would think he would know me like the back of his hand by now. I thought so, too, so I figured asking him some questions about me would be easy-peasy and well, here's how that went...

1. What's my favorite food?

Him: "Shrimp alfredo with fettuccine noodles"

Me: "No, chicken and dumplings."

Him: "No it's not!"

Me: "Yes it is, I just don't eat them a lot because they're hard to make"

Him: "This game is stupid. I don't want to play anymore"

2. What's one food I hate?

Him: "You hate all sorts of food. Most foods you don't like you've never tried."

Me: "Just name one food I've tried and don't like."

Him after 5 minutes of debating: "I don't know, next question."

Me: "Mushrooms"

3. What's my favorite restaurant?

Him: "Olive Garden"

Me: "Correct"

4. What's one cause I really care about?

Him: "Many things. Animal cruelty, sexual harassment, racism. Those are your big pillars right now."

Me: "Very true."

5. Where was I born?

Him: "Some hospital, then your doctor died and the hospital burnt down. I don't know, Madison or Middletown. Middletown."

Me: "The hospital actually got torn down, but everything else you said is correct."

6. Who is my absolute best friend?

Him: "Me. Or Little Dude. But I don't think you'd put that down cause that'd be sad cause he's a cat. Did you put Little Dude?"

Me, in a playful sad voice: "Yeah..."

Him: Laughs out loud, literally.

7. What's my favorite thing about you?

Him: "My intelligence. Right? But actually you probably find that more annoying. What was it?"

Me: "You always make me laugh."

Him: "You know why? Because I'm funny."

8. What is my dream job?

Him: "To own an animal shelter, you crazy."

Me: "Yup."

Him: *continues to talk about how hard that would be for 5 minutes*

9. What's my favorite color?

Him: "Pink"

Me: "Correct"

10. What's one thing I'm really bad at?

Him: "Admitting when you're wrong"

Me: "Ouch"

Him: "What'd you say?"

Me: "Sounding out words"

Him: "You're also bad at that. You're bad at a lot of things. But you're also good at a lot of things."

Me: "Nice save."

11. What's one thing I'm really good at?

Him: "Being cute. No, I'm kidding. See, I'm trying to figure out what you would say and that's the problem."

Me: "Just say what you think."

Him: "Well, to me, you're good at offering a different perspective."

Me: "I said all things cheerleading, but I think your answer is much cuter."

12. If I could visit anywhere in the world, where would I pick?

Him: "There's different places you choose depending on the mood you're in. You really want to go to Bora Bora for some reason. I'm going to say Bora Bora cause that's the place you talk about the most. Am I right?"

Me: "Mhm!"

13. What's my favorite ice cream flavor?

Him: "Birthday cake."

Me: "Yup!"

14. What's my favorite animal?

Him: "There are two possible answers, the domestic house cat/cats in general or ducks."

Me: "I would say cats."

Him: "I know you would and you'd be lying to yourself."

15. How did I get my name?

Him: "I have absolutely no clue. You're named after someone off a show probably. Is that true?"

Me: "Very true."

16. What's my zodiac sign?

Him: "The one you say is bad for mine. Um. Taylor if I'm 100% with you, I don't even know what mine is. Oh, it's the bad one, the one that's mean. Is it Scorpio?"

Me: "I'm a Scorpio. I'm very surprised you remembered that."

Him: "Well I remember you saying we weren't good together which I thought was weird because we were both crab-like, but I don't even remember what mine is."

Me: "You're Cancer."

Him in a concerned voice: "Why?"

Me, laughing: "That's your sign."

Him: "Oh, OK. I was like 'Wow, that's not nice.'"

17. What is my love language?

Him: "What?! Do you mean like French is the language of love, like what language you like the most?"

Me, laughing: "No, I'll read them to you"

Him: "Wait, it's like how you love. You like to be given gifts and you like me to do things for you."

Me: "Yup!"

18. Who's my celebrity crush?

Him: "Selena Gomez." *sees my confused face* "Was I wrong? Was it Justin Bieber?"

Me: "Yeah."

Him: "Well I'm right cause you like them both."

Me: "You're not wrong"

19. What is my greatest fear?

Him: "Bodies of water you can't see the bottom of."

Me: *shivers* "Yes."

20. What is my biggest insecurity?

Him: "Your neck." *pauses* "It'd be funny if I said the wrong one on that one huh?" *laughs*

Me: "Long term it would be my neck, but currently my thighs, so you're right."

21. Who do I love most in the world?

Him: "Your cat"

Me: "You're a close second."

Him: "I know, but not really."

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by my boyfriend's answers, not because I think he doesn't listen to me, but because this helped me realize that he listens very closely to most things I say and sometimes even listens so well he knows things about me I don't know about myself (like my favorite animal is actually ducks, not cats). Not only did his answers show me just how much he pays attention to what I say, they actually reminded me why I fell in love with him in the first place. I needed someone who would keep me on my toes, make me laugh, and love me effortlessly, and his answers showed me that he's that and so much more.

Ladies, if you want to feel secure in your relationship and want to be reminded of just how well your boyfriend loves you, ask him these questions. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised, too.

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