I've recently gotten into using the Instagram "Questions" feature to ask people personal questions, mainly about themselves. I try to keep it positive, so I thought I would poll to see what my followers liked about themselves. In our society, there are so many ads and products that target our insecurities, but I want people to embrace their insecurities and learn to love them along with the traits they already like about themselves.

1. Elise, 19


"My smile and making other's smile and laugh."

Such a great quality to have!

2. Belle, 20


"Physical is my eyeballs and mental is my work ethic."

Good work ethic = successful as hell!

3. Kaysee, 19


"I'm optimistic."

Optimism is so important and rare to find in such a negative world. You go girl!

4. Ryann and Claire, 19


"How funny I am."/"I'm funny."

These girls make me laugh for hours on end.

5. Anonymous, 20


"My hands."

This is such a unique one! Love it!

6. Isabelle, 22


"My heart."

Your kind heart is lovely.

7. Kat, 20


"Bone structure."

Work that jawline, girl!

8. Anonymous, 14


"I don't know, maybe confidence."

Say that answer with CONFIDENCE girl! It's great to be confident at your age.

9. Kristina, 18


"My ability to set my emotions aside and think with my head when I make decisions."

You are extremely resilient and you are so smart for being able to do this.

10. Lauren and Chloe, 19


"My eyes."

You both have beautiful eyes!

11. Naarah, 21


"I'm passionate, kind, and pretty self aware for the most part."

Every single one of these are amazing traits to have, especially self-awareness.

12. Renate, 57


"Overcoming obstacles."

You're the strongest woman I know. (She's my mom, and she's awesome. Check out her story that I wrote.)

13. Anna, 17


"Long legs."

Long legs are the best legs.

14. Amy, 21


"My ability to make people feel comfortable around them."

You and anyone who also possesses this trait are absolute angels.

15. Billy


"Self aware."

That's the ultimate goal.

16. Jacqui, 19


"I like my sense of style."

Creating your own sense of style is the best way to express yourself!

17. Anonymous, 21


"Probably my capacity for kindness and forgiveness."

Being able to forgive someone who wrongs you is one of the most powerful traits to have.

18. Shruti, 19


"I'm dauntless."

It takes courage to be dauntless. Fear is a powerful force and to avoid that is true courage.