Top 6 Sports Moments From The Decade
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Top 6 Sports Moments From The Decade

Sports are a great way to bring people together, get something for hundreds of thousands of people to rally behind. But some moments are bigger than others.

Top 6 Sports Moments From The Decade

Sports are a great celebration, and as time goes on there is a chance as sports fans to celebrate some of the great moments from this decade. There were thousands of moments that made fans across the country drop their jaw and look to either side and ask someone if that really just happened. Some moments, as seen below, were greater than others and need to be more celebrated. So, these are the 6 greatest sports moments that defined/shaped this decade, and helped set the stage for the 2020s.

Minneapolis Miracle

Stefon Diggs

DIGGGGSSSSS SIDELINEEEE TOUCHDOWNNNNN UNBELIVEABLEEEEEEE VIKINGS WIN IT. Joe Buck´s amazing call of one of the greatest plays in recent memory, when Stefon Diggs made a catch was hoping to run out of bounds setting up for a Vikings game winning field goal, but when Diggs landed on his feet all he saw was green turf, and the rest is history. For Marcus Williams, who's an infamous whiff of Diggs is what set up for this iconic moment, no matter what he does, he will always be remembered for this play. For the New Orleans Saints, it started a trend of heart-breaking losses in the playoffs that have followed them for three consecutive years now. The Vikings would get boat raced by the eventual Super Bowl champs, Philadelphia Eagles, but for a moment, it was nice to see something good happen for the Vikings for a change.

Mt. St Zion Erupts in Indianapolis

Zion Williamson

November 4th, 2018, to some may have been just another ordinary Tuesday, but for sports fans, it was a chance to see Zion Williamson play his first game for the Duke Blue Devils, alongside other superstars, Cam Reddish, and RJ Barrett. The Blue Devils would go on to destroy the Kentucky Wildcats 118-84 in the first game of the season. Unfortunately for the Blue Devils, their season would end two games short, as they lost to the Michigan State Spartans in the Elite 8 round of the NCAA March Madness Tournament.

2nd and 26

Tua Tagovailoa

Atlanta, Georgia, 2018, Georgia Bulldogs just sacked true freshmen quarterback Tua Tagaviola for a 16-yard loss in overtime of the National Championship Game. I´ll let ESPN´s Chris Fowler take care of the rest. "Tagaviola trying to make up for it, fires to the end zone...TOUCHDOWN, Alabama wins." In what seemed like a Hollywood script, Tagaviola would save the Crimson Tide´s season, and lead them to the 2018 SEC Championship, and 8-1 record as their starter in 2019. For the other team, Georgia could never get the monkey off their back, after scratching by Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl, ever since the Bulldogs have come up just short, whether it is struggling with Notre Dame in 2019, losing badly to Texas in the 2019 Sugar Bowl, or getting the brakes beat off, tar knocked out of them, taken behind the woodshed, and boat raced by LSU all in one game. Georgia has never seemed to recover form 2nd and 26.

2016 NBA Finals

LeBron James

Just imagine, this world has been around for about 4.5 billion years, and we were lucky enough to see the 2016 NBA Finals in person. Whether it was the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead, after coming back from 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals earlier. LeBron James making the block of the decade, setting up for Kyrie Irving to shoot a dagger into the hearts of Warrior faithful. James finally brought home a championship to Cleveland but would lose two straight finals to the Warriors in the coming years, then James would leave Cleveland, again, for LA, that same year the Warriors got their comeuppance, as the Toronto Raptors would stun the world and win their first NBA Championship. All of that was started by the greatest 7 games of basketball ever played.

A game anyone from Atlanta never talks about

Atlanta Falcons

Oh, so there was this football game in Houston between a team from New England and a team from Atlanta, damn shame I can´t remember what happened in that game, just wish someone would remind how that game played out, because I´ve never seen anyone say anything about this game ever... 28-3. If there is any hope from this game it is that Offensive Coordinator from that game, Kyle Shanahan will have a shot at redemption in Super Bowl LVI as the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers.

They Didn't Keep Them Off The Field

Elite College Football

Oh, you thought people don't like talking about 28-3, trying going anywhere in western Alabama and uttering the words, Kick-6. Alabama and Auburn were battling, the winner got a free pass to the National Championship. After Amari Cooper ran out of bounds trying to set up a game winning field goal, Nick Saban asked the officials to review the play to see if one second was left in the game. As a matter of fact, there was, and what happened next was only something that could be done on a playground during recess. Adam Griffith, kicked the ball as hard and far as he could, but just missed sending the Tide to National Championship, then Chris Davis ran the ball back, and American´s watching at home and at Jordan Hare Stadium all had the same thought, "he's not about to, what, he just, he just ran the kickback for a touchdown." As the late Rob Bramblett screamed over the radio. AUBURN´S GOING TO WIN THE FOOTBALL GAME. Sadly for Auburn, they would fall to Florida State in the National Championship game.

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