The Top 40 Winter Guard International Shows
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The Top 40 Winter Guard International Shows

Celebrating 40 years of WGI.

The Top 40 Winter Guard International Shows
Alta Marea Winterguard

In my seven years of color guard, I have seen countless shows on the field and on the floor. Throughout high school, a majority of these shows were seen throughout the South-Eastern Color Guard Circuit (SCGC). Although my high school did not attend WGI competitions, I still had the opportunity to see a few compete at some of our local competitions. Today, I am a member of one of those teams that filled several of my memories as a young performer, and the magic of it all still resides in my heart. Having the opportunity to finally be a part of something that you have worked so hard for is one of the most priceless feelings. This upcoming season will be my senior year as a member of The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band Color Guard, who many in the "winter guard world" know as Alta Marea. Looking back on all of the years I have watched shows live, or was sent a link via youtube, I have comprised a list of "The Top 40 WGI Shows", to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Winter Guard International.

40. "Shall We Gather" -- Alta Marea 2013 (IO)

39. "The Art of Music" -- JSU Center Stage 2007 (IW)

38. "Nothing To Save" -- Eklipse 2012 (IW)

37. "The Miss Havisham Effect" -- Juxtaposition 2017 (IW)

36. "Bonnie & Clyde" -- Lexis 2016 (IO)

35. "The Rule of Three" -- Paramount 2016 (IW)

34. "A Night Under The Blue Moon" -- Fantasia 2016 (IW)

33. "Queen" -- Onyx 2003 (IW)

32. "Preaching To The Choir" -- Pride of Cincinnatti 2012 (IW)

31. "Wanderlust" -- Pride of Cincinnatti 2016 (IW)

30. "The Hatfields & McCoys" Daviess County HS 2017 (SA)

29. "Weathering The Storm" FeniX Independent 2017 (IW)

28. "One, We Are Here To Remember" -- Black Gold 2017 (IW)

27. "Swarm" -- USF 2015 (IW)

26. "The Inevitable Direction of My Life" -- Pride of Cincinnatti 2017 (IW)

25. "May The Music Never End" -- Aimachi 2017 (IW)

24. "Apollo Control" -- Flanagan HS 2017 (SW)

23. "Every 40 Seconds" -- Mechanicsburg HS 2015 (SW)

22. "To Think Is Enough" -- Paramount 2017 (IW)

21. "Anarchy of Silence" -- James Bowie HS 2016 (SW)

20. "Remember the Tinman" -- Zydeco 2012 (IW)

19. "The Farmer" Tarpon Springs HS 2014 (SW)

18. "Harlequin" -- Bellbrook HS 2015 (SO)

17. "A Thousand Cranes" -- Aimachi 2015 (IW)

16. "Omega" -- Carmel HS 2015 (SW)

15. "The Drum Major Instinct" -- Miamisburg HS 2017 (SW)

14. "Crude" -- Avon HS 2016 (SW)

13. "Dante's Inferno" -- Northmont HS 1997 (SW)

12. "Back To You" -- Mechanicsburg HS 2013 (SW)

11. "NY2" -- Tarpon Springs HS 2016 (SW)

10. "#10, You'll Never Be Alone" -- Santa Clara Vanguard 2015 (IW)

9. "Bullero" -- Black Gold 2016 (IW)

8. "Mirror, Mirror" -- Mechanicsburg HS 2016 (SW)

7. "Hot Legs" -- Alta Marea 2014 (IO)

6. "Beauty Misunderstood" -- Shenendehowa HS 2016 (SO)

5. "Once Upon Another Time" Lexis 2017 (IW)

4. "I Wish" -- Alta Marea 2011 (IO)

3."How Long Is Forever?" -- Juxtaposition 2016 (IO)

2. "Look Up" -- Pride of Cincinnati 2015 (IW)

1. "Kingfishers Catch Fire" -- Alta Marea 2012 (IO)

I originally tried ranking them, but after sifting through all of my favorites, it was just too difficult. Make sure to comment your favorites throughout the years! Enjoy.

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