Top 20 Moments: "Scrubs"
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Top 20 Moments: "Scrubs"

"Do you not realize you're nothing but a big pair of scrubs to me?"

Top 20 Moments: "Scrubs"


"Scrubs" turned 14 years old this past week, and after some weeping I had to go back and rewatch the series. After doing so, followed by more weeping, I decided to dedicate this article to the top 20 moments from the series.

1. JD's Whip-Cream Bikini.

From the Pilot/ "My First Day". This was the first time the audience meets the hilarious, adorable, and ditsy character, JD Dorrian on his first day as an intern at Sacred Heart.

2. The JD vs. Elliot Race.

Also from "My First Day", this awesome moment introduces JD's day-dream tendencies as well as Elliot Reed's neurotic, competitive edge.

3. Turk's Mishap with a Sleeping Patient.

The last moment from the pilot episode, I promise. Turk is called for his first "code" and is forced to use electric paddles. However, it turns out that the monitor had a false flat-line so Turk ends up "clearing" a napping patient. (:16 in).

4. Carla's Roast of Elliot.

Elliot catches word about Carla sleeping with Turk, and being a bit ignorant, calls Carla on it. And Carla...well, you don't mess with Carla. (Season 1, Episode 2 "My Mentor).

5. When JD Realizes Who Jordan Divorced.

Another goodie from season 1, JD makes the mistake of sleeping with Jordan Sullivan, a member of the hospitals executive board. However, when he finds out Jordan was once married to Dr. Cox-that's a pretty good moment. (Season 1, Episode 6 "My Bad").

6. When JD and Elliot Get Together (the first time).

Unfortunately, their relationship doesn't work out (in the first season). The romance between the two was building up for many episodes, and it was awesome to see them go for it. (Season 1, Episode 14/15 "My Drug Buddy, "My Bed, Banter, & Beyond").

7. When Carla Accepts Turks Proposal.

(We're moving on to another season FINALLY, I know!) The second season starts on a rocky note with Jordan's big reveal of everyone's secrets in the season 1 finale; JD slept with Jordan, Elliot is still in love with JD, Dr. Cox is in love with Carla-which Turk knows but won't tell Carla about it, and Dr. Kelso filled a position that he originally promised to Dr. Cox...yikes. And when Turk pops the question to Carla before her trip to Chicago to go to her Aunts funeral, she couldn't give him a straight answer. These two were made for each other, and when Carla realizes that, they have the most adorable moment in the history of the series. (Season 2, Episode 15 "His Story").

8. The Roof Toilet.

The title speaks for itself (Season 3, Episode 13 "My Porcelain God").

9. When Dr. Cox Punches Kelso in the Face.

I mean, the title is pretty self explanatory, but it's still a great moment. Just when Elliot thinks things can't get any worse, Dr. Cox punches Kelso right in the nose. (Season 2, Episode 22 "My Dream Job").

10. Elliot's Badass Transformation.

One of the best moments in the series centers around Elliot's growth and transformation from "Daddy's Little Girl" to "Strong-Independent-Woman". (Season 3, Episode 1 "My American Girl").

11. The THIRD Time Elliot and JD Get Together.

Third times the charm, I guess? (Season 3, Episode 18 "His Story II").

12. That One Time Turk was a Leprechaun.

The title really explains it all (:30). (Season 4, Episode 14 "My Lucky Charm).

13. When Laverne Destroys J.D. at "Jiggly Ball."

"I want you to think of this as a corn muffin." (1:40). (Season 5, Episode 4 "My Jiggly Ball").

14. The Entire Episode of "My Musical."

"It's guy love, between two guys." (Season 6, Episode 6 "My Musical").

15. When the Janitor gets a New Uniform.

"Feared in grey...beautiful in blue." (Season 4, Episode 22 "My Big Move").

16. Kelso's Hit (?) Single.

Who remembers when Elliot and Turk found the CLASSIC tune, "My Tuscaloosa Heart"? (Season 1, Episode 18 "My Tuscaloosa Heart").

17. When Ted Meets Gooch.

The match made in heaven (or Sacred Heart). (Season 8, Episode 8 "My Lawyer's in Love").

18. When Turk Saved a Patient from Paralysis.

SPORTS CENTER-THE PLACE FOR SPORTS! (Season 8, Episode 11, "My Nah Nah Nah").

19. The Janitors Wedding in the Bahamas.

Easily one of the best moments of the entire series; who can forget the Janitor and Lady's romantic vows? (Season 8, Episode(s) 14/15 "My Soul on Fire: Part 1/2").

20. My Finale.

I have seen MANY television series finales, and Scrubs series finale is probably the best. The whole idea of being able to make your future whatever you want it to be is heartwarming for the viewers and characters. Let's pretend that THIS was the last episode, instead of the not-so-good season nine. (Like it was INTENDED to be).

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