To The Person Who Thinks It Should All Be Figured Out

It isn’t expected that you know exactly how you hope your life will pan out. I say hope and not want because there are events happening every single day that are affecting our future lives, whether it be in a negative or positive way. In all honesty, we have thoughts and ideas of what we think our future will hold, but do we really know what our future has in store for us? To me, the answer to that question will always remain a no because our present lives are shaping our future lives, whether it fits our hope for our future or not.

In my opinion if you figure everything out for your future self to the smallest details you will not stray away from that vision regardless of what may come up. You may miss out on opportunities because you did not initially want your future to be that way. I know many people that plan their lives out. Some of my friends know exactly what they want to name their kids, or simply where they want to work. These are just some small examples but it goes to show that people have given their future lives plans that may or may not follow through. As far as children’s names go, what if your future spouse doesn’t like the names that you have picked out. As far as the job goes, your future job may not even be a thing presently so how can you say you know exactly what you want to do.

As I prepare to enter into my second year of college so many people around have been asking me what it is that I intend in majoring in and how I plan to use my degree in my career. Although I have several interests and possible careers that I may want to pursue I honestly never respond with a straight up answer because I honestly do not have it all figured out. Some students might enter college knowing exactly what it is that they want to study, but other people who are like me are kind of just testing the waters by taking a variety of different classes before picking the right major for me. The thought alone makes me realize that this step in my college career will shape the rest of my life from that point on.

The question that gets to me the most is “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”? In the past week alone about seven people have asked me this. I tend to explain to them that I focus on smaller goals before realizing the bigger picture. Until I figure out the things that will help shape the near future, such as picking a major that will lead to a good career, I do not know where I see myself in five years honestly. One thing for sure is that I plan to be a college graduate by then, but what else does five years later has in store for me? I am not sure about the opportunities that the next few years will have for me to take advantage of so I don’t know where I see myself in five years.

I am here to tell you this- that you do not need to feel like you have everything in life figured out to the best of your abilities because what we do today and the opportunities that we take advantage throughout our lives will shape the course of our futures. Our future lives do not have to be planned to the very last detail.

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