To The Girl Feeling Especially Lonely At Night This Cuffing Season

To The Girl Feeling Especially Lonely At Night This Cuffing Season

It's officially cuffing season and you're not cuffed by anything let alone a bae.


To The Girl Who Is Lonely At Night,

I think I can speak for females everywhere when I say WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE. We've all felt that pang of loneliness around 11:30 pm. It doesn't help that literally every single one of your friends is in a committed relationship or has a boo-thing of some sorts. To make matters worse, all you ever see on social media are posts of people with their significant other with sappy captions or, even worse than that, engagement announcements. They're everywhere these days! Like congrats but please hmu with one of your groomsmen.

It's officially cuffing season and you're not cuffed by anything let alone a bae. You can't help but wonder, what the heck am I doing wrong?

It stinks because all your happily committed friends are always like, "the right person will come along eventually," or, even better, "God is saving someone really special for you and the time isn't right yet." Well, God, buddy, please let's hurry this special someone up already! It's only going to go downhill from here (probably) and I don't know if you've noticed but I am extremely impatient.

If you're like me, once in a while you will have a peak where a guy or two will show interest in you and for a moment, you'll be what today's society calls "talking." Not dating. Talking. And talking gets you nowhere. You talk and talk and talk but you never talk about what you guys are or what you want from ~whatever~ you guys are doing. Then, once it's over, it hurts that much more because most of the time, you don't know what you did wrong if they break it off with you.

Bumble, Tinder, Farmers Only, whatever you're on doesn't really help the situation since those apps are traditionally used for recreational hook-ups and not serious inquires. For the few people who have found relationships out of these dating apps, please be a bro and share your secrets!

The girl who's lonely at night isn't ugly, fat, stupid, or weird. She's a beautiful, intelligent, unique woman who is never seen for what she has to offer. She wants to have conversations with someone and have them listen to her. She wants to laugh at bad puns and make mac n' cheese and watch Big Mouth in bed. She wants to be noticed instead of constantly being invisible when she goes out with friends. And she wants to be noticed by someone she is attracted to--but that is a once in a lifetime moment for a girl like her and who's to say if it'll work out?

But who cares? Being alone at night means more space for you, you don't have to think about what you look like in that moment in time, and it's appropriate to eat sour cream and onion chips while watching a full season of Guy's Grocery Games. So really, in hindsight, there are perks to it!

So to one lonely girl to another, he's out there. I know, we hate hearing that. Waiting sucks. Everything seems like it just will never fall into place but it will. Just never lose who you are as a person. If a guy or a girl or whoever you're into doesn't like you back, then that is their loss. For now, when you feel lonely at night, take advantage of it because soon you'll probably be sharing with another human body and that means less space for you to spread out.


Another girl who is lonely at night (and eats sour cream and onion chips in bed)

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8 Ways You Just Know That Your Boy Is A Keeper

Sometimes you wonder how you got so lucky to get him, and other times he annoys you to death.


There are a lot of ways to tell if you have a good boyfriend. He takes you on dates and brings you around his friends. But here are eight ways you REALLY know he's a keeper.

1. He drives far (and often) to see you.

If you live anywhere that is further than 30 minutes from your boyfriend and he drives that distance to see you at least 1-2 times a week, he's a keeper. He's willing to make the time to see you!

2. He tells his friends about you, and they have nicknames for you.

If your boy will bring you around his guy friends, even when they're just chilling watching sports or hanging out on a Friday night, be grateful. There are a lot of guys who don't mix their friends and their girlfriend for fear of what will happen, so if your guy is comfy bringing you around his friends, great!

3. You can openly roast each other and he doesn't get offended.

Come on, everyone makes jokes and messes around with each other. If your boy can take your smoke and not get offended, it makes him that much more playful and fun to be around. If he can't, well...

4. You can have conversations about ~feelings~ and he doesn't get awkward.

If you're feeling sad, happy, angry, confused, tired, moody, etc. and you tell your boy, and he doesn't freak out on you or run, that's a good sign! Guys are generally very hesitant to share anything about how they're feeling, so if you and your boy can talk about feelings in a respectful and mutual way, that's a sign of a healthy relationship!

5. He doesn't get mad if you hang out with your guy friends too.

Guys have a tendency to get overprotective and scared if you say you're hanging out with another guy, but if your boy trusts you and if you communicate with him, he shouldn't be upset if you hang out with another guy friend. Grabbing lunch with Jake in between classes shouldn't be a huge deal as long as he knows in advance.

6. He has realistic expectations of how much time you can spend together.

Even though you may want to spend every waking second together, your boy understands you have a life and responsibilities and doesn't make you feel guilty if you have to change plans or cancel. Life happens, it doesn't mean you don't wanna hang out!

7. He does random things to surprise you, even if they're small.

If he randomly brings you a milkshake when you've had a bad day or Venmos you money for coffee when you're stressed, he's a good boyfriend. Don't take these random little things for granted!

8. You can ask him for small favors or help, and he does it without complaining.

If you need a ride somewhere, or your friend needs help, or maybe you just need help carrying groceries, he does all this without complaining. Being in a relationship is a team effort and requires that you help each other out!

If you're in a relationship that makes you happy and he does things for you that shows he cares, you got a keeper!

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The Realities Of Dating A High Schooler While You're In College

A freshman in college dating a high school?


I have been with my boyfriend since the summer before my senior year of high school. We knew coming into it that we would have to spend my freshman year of high school apart. Now with only 7 weeks left of my first year in college, here is my take on what it's like to date someone still going to your alma mater.

1. FaceTime is your new best friend

FaceTime is my most used app now. If I am free at night or just want to see his face, I can always depend on a call. This might sound cheesy, but FaceTime sleepovers are an *almost* daily occurrence. Even if we both have things to do, we just call each other and do our own thing. This makes me feel closer, considering the 125+ miles between us.

2. A whole other reason to come home

Seeing family and friends while being home is great. But what's better than a bigger bed and your boo cuddling next to you? Plus, I have rides to and from without having to bug my parents.

3. Different breaks

For both winter and spring break, there have been times when he is still in school while I am off. So, I am basically a "housewife" for those days. It does stink that I have to wait until after 3 to hang out with him, but at the same time, I can get some work done while he's at school. It'll probably always be like this, considering he is going to a community college at home for the next two years. But, maybe it'll coincide (fingers crossed!)

4. One foot in college, one foot in high school

Dating a high schooler and being friends with people in his grade and below, I do feel like I am sorta in high school still. I still sit in the student section at games, and workout with my friends at the high school. I'm still "popular" in some sense because of him but also because I am from a super small school. I just can't wait until baseball season!


Homecoming! Winter Carnival! Prom! Having a boyfriend in high school is great because my last dances weren't really my last ones. So now, I am looking at both formal and prom dresses!

6. People asking the dreaded question

Whenever anyone at college finds out I have a boyfriend, they always ask where he goes and what year he is. My answer is always "He's back at home" or "He's a high school". Everyone asks why I stay with him and my thinking is, why would I break up with him just because I am a little ways away? He knows that I am pursuing my dreams down here, even if they aren't necessarily with him (yet).

I don't really see the drastic differences between dating a high schooler while in college, but I am definitely not changing it any time soon!

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