My Dad's birthday was yesterday and he didn't ask for much considering. I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to sit down and to put into words how much this man truly means to me.

Since the day I was born, I have always been a Daddy's girl. I remember the days where Mom was out of town and you let me stay up late to eat green popsicles and watch the Wizard of Oz. I remember "Daddy Days" where the people at Chuck E Cheese's practically had to kick us out because we'd stay until close.

Then I got bigger.

I remember the days in fourth grade where you'd drive me 45 minutes to get to school before we moved. I remember my insane collection of Japanese erasers that you were always more than happy to add to. I remember driving to the City for dinner on a spontaneous night.

I remember freshman year of high school and You and Mom at my first swim meets. I remember you taking me to learn to drive. I remember our trip to San Diego and our family nearly breaking under the pressure that is Disneyland.

I remember the day you told me you had Cancer.

I remember the feeling of being afraid. I remember worrying about all the things you might miss if something were to happen. I remember how much I wanted you to be okay.

The whole time that was going on you never stopped doing your best at everything. You still provided for our family. You had a smile on your face, most days. More importantly, you never put yourself first. Luckily the Chemotherapy and radiation did its job and your health has improved but since then I have never taken you for granted. The day before I left for college, I sobbed and sobbed about the thought of leaving you behind. You learn to become thankful for things in different ways but I quickly learned just how much I couldn't stand the thought of leaving you.

I have thanked you in many cards and explained how you are the best dad in the world but I have never gone into detail or mentioned some of our scariest moments as a family. I am so honored and grateful to have a Dad who is as dedicated to his job and the people that he loves. You have never put yourself before me and your long hours at work prove that each and every day. You do way more than you have to and I am so thankful that you constantly go above and beyond for Me, Mom and Rudy. However, Not even as a family man, you impress the people around you. The amount of people I have met that have told me that I am so lucky to have you as a father is amazing. The list goes on and on. The people who work for you have always expressed great gratitude for your warming personality and your kindness towards others and now it's my turn.

Thank you, Dad, for being the man you are but more importantly allowing me to see what kind of person I aspire to be like. No matter what we will always have our laughs and the moments we cherish but most importantly I will always be your #1 fan.