8 Do’s And Don’ts For College Students on Gamedays
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8 Do’s And Don’ts For College Students on Gamedays

College campuses are completely different on gameday and here are a few do’s and don'ts for the average student.

8 Do’s And Don’ts For College Students on Gamedays

Many people will argue that football season fits right in with all of the other seasons on the calendar. It plays such an important role in a persons life that how could it not leave a lasting impact.

When heading off to college I wasn't at all prepared for what gamedays held. Now that I have become a well seasoned college students, I wanted to share my pro tips to survive gameday.

1. DON’T wear heels.


Wearing heels is a statement, but unless you're prepared to not feel your feet after standing up in the student section the whole game DO NOT WEAR THEM. You will most likely regret it by the time you end the day. Yes, I'm sure your snake skin sandal heels look super cute with your outfit Becky, but that does not mean that you have to wear them.

2. DO drink your water.


Drink. Your. Water. I cannot stress to you how important it is to stay hydrated on those long hot game days. We don't need people passing out left and right during the middle of the game.

3. DON’T bring your shakers.


There is no point in bringing your own shaker to the game because they quite literally litter the student section before kickoff. If it adds an aesthetic to your outfit then do as you please but having shakers from every football game is a tradition for a lot of people.

4. DO get a good nights sleep.


Go to the game well-rested. I'm sure the idea of going out on Friday night to celebrate the end of a long week sounds like a great idea until you have to be up and make it to that 11 am game Saturday morning.

5. DON’T show up late.


The student section has some of the best seats in the stadium and they're all a free for all, so the earlier you get there the better the seats are!

6. DO wear your team colors.


Wearing your team colors is the best way to show school spirit on gameday. I'm not saying you have to paint your body orange and blue but maybe don't accidentally wear the opposing teams colors because it is awkward and has been done by me.

7. DON’T drive.


Avoid driving anywhere at all costs. Traffic before the game is bad but after it becomes a complete battlefield that could leave you stuck for hours. Your best bet is to find a spot and sit until traffic clears out.

8. DO go with friends.


Always go with a good group of friends because those people will either make or break the game for you. Going with a bunch of negative Nancy's will only make the game a nightmare. If you go with friends your game day experience will be a BLAST!

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