I don't know how this happens so much, but I tend to run into my Tinder matches in public quite frequently. Sometimes, it's weird. Sometimes, it's totally chill and we say "hey." This TInder match run-in was different. I think he's so cute, so my inner being won't go and talk to him.

I'm at my favorite coffee shop again. I was casually walking back to my seat after ordering my Americano when I saw him. One of my favorite TInder matches. Oh no, I thought. I raced to my seat with sweaty palms. I can only imagine the look I gave him. Was it a creepy, awkward smile? I'm not the best at this stuff. Seriously, I don't know what to do when a cute guy shows interest in me or any guy for that matter.

Anyways, I am now creepily staring at the back of his head. Weird, I know. I wish I had the guts to actually talk to him, but lo-and-behold, I do not. I have a streak of messing good things up. I could tell you all the stories, and you would probably be shocked. I guess I'll write about him, and he can figure it out later.

I remember swiping right on you. I was actually shocked when we matched. I was even more shocked when you messaged me. "He didn't just swipe right on every girl?" I thought to myself, "Wow!" I'm trying to be calm, cool, and collected. My heart is beating so fast. This is not good.

I hope he doesn't turn around and see me stuffing my face with the delicious french toast I ordered as well. I feel like I could pee myself. Why? I don't know. I continue to nervously sip my Americano. I'm going to be jumping off the walls if I keep this up. I need to calm down, mainly because it probably won't work out. Dammit. There I go again. Doubting myself about my future. Why? This is just what I do.

He's so concentrated on his work. I'm so proud of him. I sound like a mom. I need to chill. Why did I have to see him? I'm shaking. It could be my anxiety or coffee. Who knows?

Oh my gosh.

He turned around.

He looked at me and smiled.

This is not good. Abort mission! Abort mission!!

As long as he doesn't get up, everything will be fine.

Alright, he turned back around. We're good now.

I'm going to focus on the homework I don't want to do now. Just because we matched doesn't mean I have to talk to him. This is real life in this coffee shop. I'll just pretend like he doesn't exist and get over it. I'm going to get back to my homework and the endless amount of reading I have to do. It will all be fine.

He's getting up. Goodbye, sweet Tinder match. I'll miss you. I hope we talk soon.