It's Time To Talk About Thin Privilege
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It's Time To Talk About Thin Privilege

It's something very prominent in our society and it's time to turn the spotlight towards it.

It's Time To Talk About Thin Privilege
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Thin privilege is something that has emerged recently in society. It stems from sizeism, which is heavily accepted in our society.

Fat phobia is strong in our white, heteronormative society, looking to actively oppress people with larger bodies. Society's bias towards fat people is a form of discrimination, which can be shown from fetishizing fat people, or charging more to ride an airplane.

Thin privilege is something that has taken root in society and is expressed in many places. Just having a smaller body type can give many social benefits in life, including (but not limited to):

1. Not being assumed lazy because of your size

2. Thin people are statistically more likely to be given a raise or promotion than someone who is fat

3. The media does not see your body type as part of an "epidemic"

4. You can eat what you want, where you want, and not have people judge you

5. You can buy clothes at a variety of different stores with a variety of designs

6. Not being the brunt of jokes

Being thin lends itself to a lot of positivity in our society.

As a fat person, I am treated poorly by doctors - my doctor says that I must lose weight or I will die. As a fat person, I cannot be who I am without being associated with my weight.

As a fat person, I cannot go home for break without being shamed by my family, for gaining the "Freshman 15," even if I didn't.

As a fat person, I am automatically assumed "unhealthy" because of my size.

As a fat person, I was not diagnosed with asthma until I was 19 years old because my doctor said I was just "out of shape."

As a fat person, I cannot find cute, fitting clothes and bras at the stores that thin people shop at.

As a fat person, in theater, I will be greeted with angry sighs when the costumer cannot find stuff that fits me.

As a fat person, I am afraid that no one will love me if I am at the weight that I am at.

Weight is not "their fault." Weight is something that was brought to us by fate and the universe that we are not always in control of. It is not an accurate measurement of a person's health status.

And if you are thin and aren't listening to this, hear me out: thin women face fatphobia as well. There is this fear of being perceived as fat, and a constant battle with weight. Dieting, calorie counting, limiting food groups are all ways society has told us we can stay small.

Someone's weight should not be a justification for shaming and discrimination. We are responsible for protecting the rights of our peers.

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