What Should Be Done To Improve The Education System

Three of the best ways to improve education are making a more individualized learning plan, hiring more professional and knowledgeable teachers and making smaller class sizes.

First, by making a more individualized learning plan, the students who are either visual, hands-on or auditory learners would have a chance to be placed in a class where the teacher teaches in the best way for students to thrive. No student is the same and students should not be ashamed or bypassed because of their style of learning. For instance, if Sally is having trouble learning her ABC's because the teacher is using index cards and she would do better learning her ABC's by singing them, Sally would be behind all the other kids. Also, the result of placing students into a more individualized learning plan, they will learn to have better study habits. Students will know exactly how they could focus on studying because they will know which category of learning they fit into.

The second way to improve education is by distinguishing professional and knowledgeable teachers. There are some teachers who are biased and make unfair decisions. Teachers who choose certain children to go up to the class to present or pick on certain children and treat them like "degenerates" are unprofessional. This hinders students from learning because they get discouraged and won't try because they feel like they are not "good enough" when teachers are supposed to help children gain confidence in their academic abilities. Teachers who are not knowledgeable can also hinder student learning. If a chemistry teacher goes off topic and starts talking about everything other then chemistry, and they make constant mistakes that even get corrected by students, is a huge problem. For the children who don't understand chemistry to begin with, they will get even more confused with a teacher who is not knowledgeable.

The final way to improve education is to make smaller class sizes. Students would be able to focus more because they know that they can get called on by the teacher at any moment, so they need to push themselves to stay engaged with what is being taught. Also, the teacher will be able to notice whether or not students are paying attention. Smaller class sizes will also allow students to be more comfortable to ask questions. Because the class size is smaller, there will be less judgement. In most cases, smaller classes have students who want to learn and won't judge other students for asking questions when they need help. Although there are plenty more ways to improve education, education can simply be changed by making a more individualized learning plan, hiring more professional and knowledgeable teachers, and making smaller class sizes.

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